Twins poisoned by their mother in Trans-Nzoia County

By Osinde Obare | Friday, Sep 7th 2018 at 00:00
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Police are investigating a case in which a 26-year-old woman is alleged to have poisoned her twin babies in Trans Nzoia County.

The woman is suspected of feeding the six-month-old babies with an unknown substance on Tuesday night.

The incident happened at Califonia village in Cherangany.

Area Assistant Chief Milkah Limo said the circumstances under which the incident happened were yet to be established. “I, however, have information that the woman appeared to have had mental problems since last month,” Mrs Limo told The Standard.

The administrator said the woman and her husband did not have any domestic feud that could have provoked her to kill the babies.

Living peacefully

“The couple has been living peacefully and never have I heard that they have differed or fought. This incident is shocking,” she said.

She said the family had two other children aged two and three. 

County Commander Samson ole Kine said the children’s father found them dead on Wednesday morning on arrival from night duty at Sibanga market, where he works as a watchman.

Mr Kine said when the man arrived home his wife informed him that the babies were asleep.

He only discovered that the babies were dead when he tried to wake them up after they slept for long hours. "She told him she had just breast-fed the babies," said the county commander.

Property destroyed

He said the man reported the matter to Sibanga Police Station and the bodies were moved to Kitale Level 4 Hospital hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem examination.

Kine said the woman disappeared after the incident.

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