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Bishop Kiuna: God provided Sh460 million for my cancer treatment


For nearly a year, the inspirational Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jesus Celebration Centre battled cancer in the US.

The resilient bishop fought valiantly and has now returned home victorious and cancer-free. However, the victory came at a significant financial cost, amounting to millions.

A grand celebration at the airport marked Bishop Kiuna’s return, with a large crowd that included his better half, Reverend Kathy Kiuna, children, and enthusiastic congregants. Videos circulating on social media captured the touching moment, highlighting the love and support for the religious couple.

The soft-spoken bishop, impeccably dressed, was welcomed home in style by a massive congregation of faithful church members and close family. Shouts of 'Daddy is back' filled the air as the esteemed bishop took his seat, visibly happy to be back home and prepared to share details about his challenging battle with cancer. The congregation, eager for news of the miracle, waited in anticipation.

 Bishop Kiuna returns

Taking the microphone, Kiuna said he incurred a staggering cost of Sh460 million during his treatment.

“For the year that I was in the US, my treatment cost $3 million, and I didn’t part with a single coin from my pocket because the God of heaven provided. I did not call anyone,” declared Allan Kiuna.

Despite the astronomical amount, Bishop Kiuna said the entire cost was miraculously covered, requiring no contribution from his personal finances. The announcement was met with cheers from the congregation, highlighting the strong faith the couple places in divine provision.

The event, coinciding with his 57th birthday and the couple’s 29th anniversary, offered insights into the couple’s remarkable journey through cancer and their opulent lifestyle.

Bishop Kiuna, recognising the arduous battle with cancer, conveyed deep gratitude for the overwhelming support and love he received from his wife, family, and the church community.

In a heartfelt message, he extended thanks to his wife for her steadfast strength, wisdom, and ability to manage things in his absence. The bishop commended Kathy for her motherly nature and the significant surprise she orchestrated during his return, highlighting her resilience, courage, and kindness.

“My baby, words fail me... Every time I think of what to say, I’m overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed by your fond thoughts of me; I’m overwhelmed by your love for me,” said Kiuna.

“Thank you for going out of your way to make me feel loved and appreciated by my family, my covenant friends, my church family, and friends. Thank you for all you do for us. I cannot describe resilience, strength, courage, and hope without the image of you,” said Kiuna.

Humble beginnings

The couple's journey has been about love and faith. In an earlier interview, the Kariobangi-born Kiuna revealed that his humble background and drive for success led him to where he is today. “I moved out the first month I earned my salary,” Kiuna was quoted as saying in an earlier interview with KTN.

But the most inspiring aspect of the couple's story is how they met.

Kathy shared intriguing details about how she and Allan Kiuna first crossed paths. Their love story, which she described as gradual and profound, unfolded with a flirtatious exchange, where Kathy playfully acknowledged Allan’s good looks.

“I was going for a lunch-hour evangelism meeting when I saw Allan making a call. I had seen him before with my sister, and she thought he was handsome,” reminisced Kathy Kiuna during the interview. The couple's connection deepened, leading to a lasting friendship and eventually marriage. Kathy disclosed that on their first date, she revealed having a three-year-old daughter, a revelation that excited Allan and solidified their bond.

“In my heart, I was pleading with God not to let him be taken away. The second time he asked, as a wise person, I knew I couldn’t say no twice, so I said yes,” she added, revealing the playful beginnings of their relationship.

The lavish lifestyle of the Kiunas has long been a subject of discussion. Five years ago, Reverend Kathy Kiuna stirred controversy on Twitter by asserting that sincere tithing prevents one from remaining poor. The couple’s opulent lifestyle and love for material things have been evident, with Bishop Kiuna proudly sharing moments of luxury, including a controversial Instagram post featuring a private jet.

“Tithing is an obedience issue. You cannot be a tither, a sincere tither, and remain poor,” Reverend Kathy Kiuna shared on social media, sparking a debate about the intersection of faith and wealth.

The most recent celebration was not solely about Bishop Kiuna’s return and recovery; it also marked 29 years of marriage and his 57th birthday.

 First lady Rachel Ruto and Pastor Dorcas Rigathi join Bishop Kiuna at 57th birthday celebration.

During the event, Vanessa, the couple’s eldest daughter, expressed gratitude to her father for his unwavering support.

Vanessa, a lawyer, credited her father for being her biggest champion and influencing her decisions, highlighting the impact of his words of faith.

“I am not a fan of public speaking, but it’s Dad, and I am Dad’s favourite child. Nobody has fought for my dream like my dad, and I stand here as a practitioner because of my dad,” Vanessa remarked during the celebration.

Reverend Kathy Kiuna, founder of Woman Without Limits, often praises her husband as the steadfast anchor in her life. In a recent Instagram post, she delved into the concept of submission, emphasizing the pre-established order in creation. The couple, formerly engaged in the printing business, founded the Jubilee Christian Church in 1999, which has since expanded to include 15 local branches and five international churches.

“Everything that God created follows a pre-established order. Nothing that God does is haphazard or chaotic. Being in order doesn’t mean you are inferior; it means you understand that for anything to function properly, there must be order,” Reverend Kathy Kiuna said when discussing the concept of submission.

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