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Five steps to a healthier year

  Avoid the harmful use of alcohol. [iStockphoto]

According to recent World Health Organisation recommendations in the pursuit of optimal health in 2024, the following small yet meaningful changes can have a big impact on your well-being:

Eat a healthy diet:

The definition can vary depending on personal preferences, cultural norms and local food availability. The key lies in making informed dietary choices. While initially daunting, reducing the amount of food high in salt, free sugars, saturated fat and trans fatty acids is highly recommended.

Over time, little adjustments like switching to water for soda at lunch can add up. Consume a range of fruits and vegetables in at least five portions daily.

Be active: 

Doing this every day can be challenging, but did you know every move counts? Walking after a meal, sweeping floors, or taking stairs can help your cardiovascular health.

Striving for at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week for adults is recommended. For enhanced benefits, moderately intense physical activity of 300 minutes per week is encouraged.

Engaging children and teenagers in regular exercise, achieving 60 minutes per day, contributes to their overall well-being.

Avoid the harmful use of alcohol:

Understanding the complex effects of alcohol use on health is essential. Alcohol is known to cause over 200 diseases and health conditions, including liver damage, cancer, heart disease and mental health problems. It also carries the risk of long-term consequences.

Recognising that drinking alcohol to any degree entails risks, people are urged to talk to healthcare providers about their drinking patterns to receive personalised advice.

Don’t use tobacco or vape:

Choosing to give up smoking and vaping has instant health benefits, beginning as soon as 20 minutes have passed since the last cigarette. Abstaining from tobacco significantly reduces the risks of heart disease, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and various other diseases. 

Connect in person to support your mental health:

Since loneliness has a significant negative influence on both mental and physical health, it is recommended to build deep social ties. Friends and family connections, whether made in person or virtually, act as a protective barrier against the health hazards linked to social isolation. It is important to prioritise good mental health along with self-kindness.


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