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Tips for success in mindful eating

 Mindful eating means being fully aware of how and what we eat. [iStockphoto]

We frequently hear the term “mindfulness,” but it has a deeper meaning that the usual casual use. It involves paying close attention to what is going on and prompts us to put our well-being first.

Similarly, mindful eating means being fully aware of how and what we eat. It is a component of a holistic “new start,” which includes exercise, water intake, nutrition and self-discipline.

“Typical eating is eating what is available at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. With mindful eating, you already have a goal - how to improve your health,” says Chadwick Digo, a nutritionist. Here are a few pointers.

Meal planning: It not only helps you understand your nutritional needs but also helps in cost evaluation. Without a specific target, achieving the desired goals might be challenging. “There’s a likelihood that you might not be able to achieve your goals,” Digo says.

Get the facts right: Distinguish between what is factual and not factual, Digo says. He adds that certain foods often carry misconceptions. For instance, people claim eating meat or eggs can lead to specific outcomes, but these claims are typically inaccurate.

Watch your supplements: A crucial component of mindful eating is knowing when to stop taking dietary supplements. “Some supplements are even carcinogenic. If you’re very mindful, you’ll not take that supplement as food. Supplement only when it is necessary,” Digo says.

Watch your pocket: Mindful eating need not be expensive. Aligning expenses with locally available foods promotes affordability. Tailoring food choices within one’s means and locality is a cornerstone for successful mindful eating. “Look at your limits and then tailor it to that amount,” Digo says.

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