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Tips to help you stay fresh all day long

 Stay fresh all day long with these tips (Photo: iStock)

Humans are social beings and no matter how introverted one is, they will still find themselves in unavoidable social settings.

For this reason, it is important to keep an eye, or should it be a nose, out on how you smell not only for your sake but also for the sake of everybody else.

This is not a fight against team naturals. From Biology, we know that our bodies go through several biochemical reactions that either have gases, fluids or solid waste as by-products. Most of these by-products do not have an acceptable fragrance.

Showering exists to clean the cumulated scents and dirt from our body but sometimes it is not enough. Therefore, perfumes, colognes and deodorants come in to help.

Some of us, however, overlook the act of showering as well as scenting our bodies. At this point, the ones who make an effort to shower are better.

Taking a bath relaxes your body, mind and soul. It leaves you clean and if you earlier had feelings of hating yourself, they get washed away in the process. So when such an activity is rare in a human being’s schedule, you are left wondering whether they even like themselves.

Showers should be accompanied by body oils, depending on which one you like and later body fragrance.

Right now, the approximate price of a roll-on deodorant is Sh200 to Sh400. Make sure it goes to your armpits before you leave the house.

Perfumes are part of body fragrance that should be used after a shower. Some perfumes go for as low as Sh100. 

Body splashes, which are to be applied directly on your body are sold at approximately Sh300, depending on the size.

There is a variety of scents that one can choose from. These are; woody, floral, aquatic, fruity and gourmand (those with ‘edible’ scents like vanilla).

Perfumes can be divided into three categories, that is, oil, water and alcohol-based. These three elements act as carriers in the process of making perfumes. Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

As you make your purchase, consider conditions like allergies. Some perfumes can affect your body negatively. Also, strong-scented perfumes might bring out other people’s allergies.

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