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Bored with your natural hair? You can do this

 Bored with your natural hair? You can do this (Photo: iStock)

Natural hair is very unique and beautiful because there's nothing like it. It makes a statement when you wear your natural hair, especially nowadays when having sleek, straight fake hair is in.

Although having natural hair is great, it doesn't come without problems like monotony. Natural hair boredom is very common because a lot of people feel like there's no room to try different things.

If you find yourself in this situation, you need to think outside the box and get out of your natural hair rut:

Give your hair a new shape

Some women don’t mind getting a drastic haircut like having sides that are shaved short. But if you’re like many who wouldn’t want to cut off the hair they worked hard to grow, you can simply go for shaping.

When you’re getting your hair shaped, a stylist will trim your hair in a way that suits your face better. This change will have a big impact on how you look and revive your creativity when it comes to styling.

However, note that you should work with an experienced stylist who will shape your hair while it’s straightened rather than shaping it in its curly, dry state. Shaping dry, curly hair could lead to bad split ends and uneven hair.

Try a new colour

Hair dyeing is also something that many people are hesitant about. When you think about the risk of damaging your hair, the maintenance and the fact that you will wait months before it grows out, you won’t be excited to try it out, ever.

There is a way you can enjoy colour minus the commitment and damage by trying temporary colour. You could also do something subtle like getting highlights or do a couple of strands at the front.

Wear your hair straight

Using heat on your hair isn’t a bad thing. It helps make it easier to maintain your hair and prevent breakage by reducing tangles on tightly coiled hair types.

It could be that you have avoided heat for years because of fear but now, it’s time to overcome that and enjoy your hair. Do something different by straightening it out (using the right techniques) and have fun seeing your hair stretched out for some time.

Loc your hair

Getting locs is a big commitment since it’s permanent. And maybe you should consider making that change so you can experiment with your hair in a new way.

Before you make that decision though, research some of the pros and cons of having locs, and make sure you go to a professional loctitian to get it done.

Give your hair a break

You might also be tired of your natural hair because you’ve been wearing it out for such a long time. You’re also probably exhausted from all the maintenance you’ve been doing, which is adding to the boredom you’re feeling.

All you need to do when you start feeling tired is take a break with a healthy protective style that will allow you to miss your hair. 

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