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Vaccination's vital role in poultry farming success

For diseases like Gumboro, Newcastle, and Infectious Bronchitis, vaccines are often administered through drinking water.
By Dr Watson Messo 2023-11-27 12:44:29
broilers, with their shorter lifespan, only need half the space to reach target weights until slaughter.
By Dr Watson Messo 2023-11-20 11:19:45
Goats are versatile grazers, consuming various vegetation, leaves from fences and footpaths keeping feeding costs low
By Purity Mwangi 2023-11-17 13:29:07
Many farmers think that animals can take in as much water without any harm.
By Dr Joseph Othieno 2023-11-01 19:29:44
The most critical period in the life of a pullet bird is the first 5 weeks of life and the ability to attain target weight to the end of this phase.
By Dr Watson Messo 2023-10-31 07:25:00
Currently day-old chicks go for between Sh125-135 per bird, so for startup of a 1,000 birds, this will cost you Sh135,000.
By Dr Watson Messo 2023-10-25 16:36:56
The common breeds are white holland, black turkey and Beltsville white
By Dr Watson Messo 2023-10-17 16:40:32
The damage directly and negatively affects milk production and is a major cause of economic losses in the dairy industry
By Dr Othieno Joseph 2023-10-16 12:59:43
The beetles can severely damage wood and insulation materials in a chicken house
By Dr Watson Messo 2023-10-13 13:05:16
Sometimes the calf may not get colostrum when the dam does not produce colostrum or when the mother dies during birth.
By Dr Othieno Joseph 2023-09-14 11:27:47
Backyard poultry should not be kept with the hybrid flocks, and neither should you allow dogs and cats inside your chicken units.
By Dr Watson Messo 2023-09-11 12:58:06
Faced with cold stress, animals will change their behaviour and will for example seek shelter to avoid the cold.
By Dr Joseph Othieno 2023-08-31 12:05:31