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Economic reforms, not teargas, will solve unrest

There is a need to have a vibrant opposition, it’s part of democracy and human nature shows that if left unchecked any government will go to the extreme.
By XN Iraki Mar. 26, 2023
It has been noted globally voters are energised to vote if they feel their vote will make a difference. If they feel that external forces or money decide the winner, they keep off.
By XN Iraki Mar. 5, 2023
Do we guard the men and women who produce this money? Whether it’s in their workplace, going home or in their homes. Do we make them feel secure to be more productive?
By XN Iraki Mar. 1, 2023
Beyond war, which unifies a country through fear, the ghosts of the former Soviet Union haunt Russia. It was the epicentre of the superpower that counterweighted the U.S for 70 years.
By XN Iraki Feb. 26, 2023
The scorching sun reminds us every day how life is becoming hard. It’s as if the sun has dropped a bit towards the earth. This city has never been that hot in the last 40 years.
By XN Iraki Feb. 19, 2023
I got the impression that Google and Microsoft had that software on the back burner but feared releasing it to the public to ‘protect’ their search engine and adverts.
By XN Iraki Feb. 12, 2023
The Kenyan contribution to WW II has never been fully appreciated. Which county has a memorial for its soldiers who fought for the empire in WW II or even Mau Mau?
By XN Iraki Jan. 29, 2023
A century has given us enough time to reflect on the future of this game associated with affluence and class in Kenya. I did not find the mysticism and mysteries associated with golf in the US.
By XN Iraki Jan. 22, 2023
Real estate developers have leveraged this status symbol to make money. They target the affluent upcountry, diaspora and foreign nationals who appreciate the sun after living through winters.
By XN Iraki Jan. 8, 2023
For reasons that leave my head spinning, potatoes are vegetables! Let’s leave the semantics alone for now and shift to meanness.
By XN Iraki Dec. 28, 2022
ASALs make up the bigger part of the country and their “virginity” means we can correct the mistakes made in the other parts of the country.
By XN Iraki Dec. 27, 2022
We have stopped ranking schools and students. Never mind the media has ways forced to do the ranking. Such stories are marketable. Let’s be objective and ask if we should rank schools
By XN Iraki Dec. 25, 2022