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Rich men don't marry ghetto girls


Marrying a rich man has become the dream of most women in every village, hamlet and town. I keep reading their time lines posts lamenting how broke guys are the only souls  commenting. This I find funny because the rich rarely respond to online banter.

In any case, being rich is relative since having a one bedroom in a jungle of mud huts one might be considered well-off. But driving a down market jalopy among owners of beasts whose costs might be mistaken for a telephone number with a country code included, could translate to being relatively poor.

What most of these women should know in black and white is their Cinderella dreams are mostly story book material and should be discarded when one blows candles marking their 20th birthdays. In the real world, the rich or wealthy marry among their gilded circles since they’re part of the power elite who are characterised by three things: wealth, power and prestige. They check which among those a potential partner is bringing on the table. Only on rare occasions do they down marry someone from a less endowed background- and believe me beauty is not a measure-it fades with time.

The rich also don’t throw their moneys around. Every penny must be accounted for, every note planned for. While your mtaa dude might dish out salon money just like a that, the rich plan in advance. I have had the fortune of growing up in Buruburu when it was the ultimate middle class Buruburu of old, and later a wealthy  hood for the rich in real coin. The rich are different.

 While in Eastlands the most famous are known by their tough Sheng names, in the leafy suburbs it’s your family name that matters and which is used in introductions followed by where you live. In high end hoods, etiquette is paramount and most   will look at you funny if you behave in less polished ways.

The rich work hard to grow their bread while in areas teeming with hustlers the most common words are “everything is vanity”.  So when the rich haunt middle class areas they’re after adventure before retreating to their own.

Whom they marry must have approval and blessings from the parents and that means you tow the line or you will be out of inheritance. See why the dreams of marrying into wealth for most of these Eastlando chicks is plain story book fantasies?

I recently watched a video of Nigerian woman advising the new generation in a radio station.  She said there were good men out there who respect women and fear God and who might living 100 metres below the poverty line, and have no money now,  but dreams for the future. Help them achieve their vision and the wealth will come.

The reason why majority of rich men mistreat their wives is because they came with nothing but hairy weave and smudged makeup. You might like a rich man now because of his car which will be out of fashion before the next elections and he might not be able to replace it so, look at the future.

In any case, why don’t women work hard for their own money and buy what they desire from future rich suitors?  Believe  me with your own money, you will earn respect and the relationship might last. Just like you want a man to make your life comfortable in future, consider giving him ideas and help him grow. If this is passed on to your daughters then we will have less of this talk and dreams of bagging a rich man to marry!

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