A vaccine shortage is looming

There could be a shortage of vaccines if Kenya does not bridge an impending deficit on the financing of the drugs, a humanitarian organisation has said.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said the rebasing of the Kenyan economic standing from low to middle income meant that some donor-funded programmes, among them vaccination, would suffer.

“MSF vaccinates millions of people every year, largely in response to outbreaks of diseases such as measles, meningitis, yellow fever and cholera. MSF also conducts routine immunisation activities, both in partnership with health authorities and in areas where health systems are failing to deliver vaccines,” MSF said in a statement.

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Kenya became a lower-middle income economy three years ago due to a new method adopted to rebase the gross national income (GNI).

This development chopped off eight years that would have been used for transition. Kenya’s GNI is above the eligibility threshold of $1,580 (Sh162,053).

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