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How you can make your kitchen look expensive

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 A home is only as beautiful as the kitchen (Photo: Courtesy)

The kitchen might merely seem like any other room in the house. But, it actually represents love and sacrifice, since we often spend a lot of time preparing wonderful meals for our loved ones.

How your kitchen looks can motivate, inspire and change how you look at your home. You’ve probably seen some amazing kitchens on the internet and wonder how you can transform yours into the kitchen of your dreams.

With these few décor tips you can completely change your kitchen to give it that expensive look. Read on:

Pick a classy color scheme

It’s always exciting to use your kitchen as a space to explore your interior design creativity. People often paint their walls bright colors like green and while that’s great, it might give your kitchen a cheap look.

It can be a bit tough to find an expensive-looking color that can bring enough light into your kitchen. Although many people run away from neutral colors like white and grey, they do bring in a touch of class while also adding some extra light into your space.

You can try these colors and if you’re afraid of stains, choose a type of paint that won’t be a hassle to clean.

 Work with a single theme to keep your space looking modern (Photo: Courtesy)
Add simple decorative pieces

Adding art to the kitchen isn’t an idea that many embrace. Paintings can be hard to maintain and the last thing you would want on your expensive art is grease stains.

However, you should consider adding an art piece that is simple and easy to clean. You can go with a small painting that goes with the theme of the kitchen, to make the room livelier.

Give an old kitchen a makeover

Old-school kitchens bring nostalgic memories especially if you’ve been living in the same house for years. Some classic kitchens still look wonderful but if you’re looking to bring some change you should consider making a few tweaks here and there.

For example, if you have an old curtain box that takes up a lot of unnecessary space, swap them for modern curtain rods that open up the room.

You can make small changes gradually even when you’re on a budget and the transformations will be major.

 Storage jars will keep your ingredients looking more organised (Photo: Courtesy)
Choose a uniform theme for appliances

Small details like going for the same color when choosing kitchen appliances can make a big difference. Of course you can’t always match every single thing but you can still try to keep a uniform theme in mind whenever you’re replacing something.

You can choose to have stainless steel as the common theme for appliances so if you’re out shopping for something like a kettle, you already know what to go for.

Keep everything organized

Having an organized kitchen is a key step in achieving an expensive look. When you have your cooking pots, jugs and everything else lying around, it takes away that expensive essence of your kitchen.

Find a way to always keep everything neat and of you have a small kitchen, look for classy looking dish racks and organizers that will help the room look neater.

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