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Why nice underwear may be good for your mental health

 Good underwear makes you feel more confident in your outfits (Image: Shutterstock)

Whether you’re trying to impress your partner and spice things up in the bedroom or not, wearing cute underwear has more positive effects on you than you can ever imagine.

Before you start getting discouraged with this whole idea, no one said your inner wear has to be lacy or overtly sexy.

Sometimes all it takes is a good matching pair of underwear.

Sadly, the fashion culture is relentless in presenting women with a certain body image that is toned and fit most of us fall short of.

Cause and effect?

Women who want to meet those ideal standards are squeezing themselves in uncomfortable body shapers to fake and control certain parts of their bodies they are less pleased with.

When instead you could choose not to conform and opt for practical and functional underwear that serves the purpose without compromising on comfortable fabric and pretty designs.

Here is what wearing fancy underwear does to you:

You look better

Like most women, chances are you’re wearing a wrong sized bra. This is especially true if you have never been measured for a bra before buying one.

As you go through different body changes and seasons like pregnancy or an illness that saw you lose a substantial amount of weight, it is always a good idea to adjust your bra size accordingly. What a good bra and underwear in your size do is they frame your body right making your clothes fit much better.

Brings out your femininity

Feeling like a woman in a busy world where you’re surrounded by men can affect your inner being paving way for a less soft persona so as to go with the flow especially if you work in a male dominated industry.

To counter this and bring out your natural femininity just takes a sexy lace bra and underwear under that tough power suit.

This has been shown to somehow have an effect on how you feel on the inside and will reflect on the outside.

 Who doesn't love how nice underwear brings out your femininity (Image: Shutterstock)
It makes you more confident

Confidence has an effect on how we behave and this has shown to be true when you wear sexy or cute inner wear.

Despite the fact that no one can see what you’re wearing inside, good quality underwear has been observed to boost confidence and mental wellbeing.

The type of underwear you’re wearing can trigger your emotions positively evoking certain feelings of being in control which in turn make you appear a certain way. You walk, talk and stand with your head held high when wearing lingerie.

It fosters internal validation

In this day and age of social media where most women are self-obsessed and are constantly seeking likes and compliments for validation, great underwear automatically does that without needing anyone’s nod.

Whether or not someone comments on how good you look, you’re already feeling yourself enough not to care about what other people think.

And if you’re spending most of your time indoors working remotely with very little physical interaction with the outside world, a cute matching innerwear can be all the motivation and mood booster you need.

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