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Easy hacks to help prevent chapped lips

Skin Care
 Avoid chapped lips witht these simple tips (Photo: Courtesy)

Not only are they an eye sore, but dry, cracked lips are so uncomfortable to deal with.

And during this pandemic where we’re hiding them in face masks, there is the temptation of abandoning lip care routines since no one really gets to see them anyway.

Valid as that may be, it is still crucial to take care of your lips and give them the hydration they need.

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing dry lips and these points will show you how to get your lips looking soft again:

Avoid licking them

One assumption many have is that licking your lips keeps them properly moisturized. It’s a common trend with men because there is a fear of looking effeminate if you’re seen applying lip balm.

Although it’s sometimes easier to just lick them instead of constantly bothering to find some lip balm, it is more drying. Saliva contains digestive enzymes that make your lips even more susceptible to dryness.

It takes time to resist the urge to lick your lips but it’s an important step in avoiding cracked lips.

Stay away from irritating products

Dry lips can happen when they come into contact with irritants. The reaction is triggered when you’ve used lipsticks, soaps, lotions, or any other thing that don’t sit well with your lips.

If you notice that your lips suddenly become chapped after using particular products you should keep them from coming into contact with your lips or skip them altogether.

 It is important to invest in quality lip balms that aren't made from cheap ingredients (Photo: Courtesy)
Invest in quality lip balms

Bad quality lip moisturizers are more counterproductive than beneficial. They claim to do the job effectively but the end result is usually discolored or dry lips.

Poor quality balms contain cheap ingredients that have no moisturizing benefit and that is why you should avoid them.

A good option would be one that is made of all natural ingredients, fragrance free and gentle on your lips.

Apply the balm regularly during the day and don’t forget to apply some before going to bed for an overnight moisture treatment.

Buy SPF lip balms

Aside from having a good moisturizing lip balm, you need to consider getting some sunscreen for your lips.

Our lips are affected by UV rays just like the rest of our bodies so they need a protective barrier like SPF lip balms.

Therefore, never skip the sun protection if you plan on going outdoors. This will help maintain collagen levels, prevent sunburn on your lips and alleviate chapped lips.

 Drinking enough water will help you stay hydrated and prevent unnecessary dryness (Photo: Courtesy)
Drink enough water  

Drinking water is generally good for your overall health and wellbeing. It is also an essential step in keeping our skin in top shape and that also involves the skin on our lips.

The water will hydrate your entire body and keep the dryness away.

Combine proper hydration and regular moisturizing for soft, luscious lips.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation will always be an essential part of a skin care routine.

However, we sometimes forget that our lips need some love too. Without a proper lip exfoliating regimen, the dead skin cells will pile and prevent any moisturizer from being absorbed.

Remember to exfoliate your lips by buying some lip scrub or simply using a soft face towel to gently remove the dead skin.

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