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Five benefits of bikini waxing

Skin Care
 Who knew bikini waxing was so time saving? [Courtesy]

The world of waxing is not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure.

While there are many methods of hair removal such as tweezing and shaving, waxing has become the best option for many.

And who can blame them? The results are amazing.

If you’ve never waxed before, bikini waxing may be new to you.

This is where hair is fully of partially removed from the bikini area. You can choose to do the classic bikini line wax where some hair is removed around the bikini area and if you’re brave, a full Brazilian where all the hair removed.


Either way, waxing is known to have its benefits over shaving- I’m predicting that you might soon become a fan. With these benefits you may be thinking twice about trying it out. Here we go:

It’s a time saver

The waxing process is usually so fast as compared to shaving.

Most of us have shaved before and you know how long it takes to finish especially since it’s rare to get all the hair out with one swipe. You have to go over some areas multiple times which is so frustrating.

With waxing, you get so much done within just a few minutes and even if you have to redo a few areas, it’s still super fast.

It lasts longer than a shave

Another issue when it comes to shaving is the fact that hair grows back within a short period of time. If you shaved at the beginning of the week, you can be sure to find a few spikes threatening to pop out by the end of the week.

 After shaving, hair grows back within a short period of time [Courtesy]

For that reason, a bikini wax is an amazing option especially when you’re going on holiday and you don’t want to keep bringing your shaving blade everywhere you go.

Since the hair is being plucked from the roots, you’ll only need to go for another session after a couple of weeks which is so much better.

It exfoliates your skin

With waxing, you’re getting more benefits that you’re paying for. One, you’re getting rid of that annoying hair and two, you get a free exfoliation!

How it works is, the wax attaches itself to the topmost layer of your skin and when it’s removed, it leaves behind a softer, rejuvenated layer that was underneath the dead skin cells.

Unlike shaving, you’re actually getting a great 2 in 1 deal.

Waxing gives you more confidence

You don’t have to constantly worry about hair you might have missed when you wax. The process is more effective because you get rid of even the finest hairs on you bikini area.

When you shave though, the likelihood of spotting a couple of strands you hadn’t seen are high which is also a bit embarrassing when you had planned to wear shorts or a cute bathing suit.

You don’t have to stress over all that with bikini waxing.

No cuts or ingrown hairs

The most irritating thing about shaving is the cuts and ingrown hairs. These are so painful and can take over a week to heal.

Although waxing can be a little painful for the first few seconds, it usually doesn’t cause ingrown hairs and there is no risk of dealing with painful cuts that can get infected.

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