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Ten ways to care for virgin hair extensions

Skin Care

Brazilian, Peruvian or some Caucasian type of hair are the talk of town for women who love weaves. These extensions cost a fortune; from the range of Sh5,000 to more than Sh30,000 per piece. The minimum one can use is two to three for it to look good.

They could be expensive but unlike the synthetic weaves, virgin hair can be used over and over again. The more you give them TLC, the longer they will serve you. It is virgin hair, which means it is REAL – hair, thus needs equal care. It gives the most natural looking finish and can be treated and styled just like a natural head of hair - because it too is natural.

Below are tips to help your hair last and

look as great as when you bought it:

• Cleanse: The products used on the hair extensions on a daily basis and accumulation of dust causes build up that needs to be removed regularly. Use gentle shampoos that are sulfate-free or diluted with water. Shampoos with sulfate can deteriorate the hair extension bonds. Massage gently to avoid damage and tangling.

• Condition: Regular conditioning is necessary. With conditioner, the hair is revived and its suppleness restored. It also prevents the hair from frizzing and relieves tangling. Remember, however, to keep conditioner away from the extension bonds as much as possible because they can loosen the bonds.

• Products: Do not overload your extension with products. Sprays, sheens and oils, among others, when overdone, cause build-up, which requires more frequent shampooing, which will cause your hair to “wear out” faster.

• Never cut the wefts: Some hairdressers prefer cutting the wefts so that the extension covers more surface area. This increases shedding of the extension since it leaves it weaker.

• Heat: Just like with your real hair, avoid heat tools. If you must use them, stick to ionic irons and hair dryers. Ensure the heat does not get to the bonds or you risk irreparable melting.

• Brush: The most ideal is to brush your hair at least twice a day. Don’t worry about pulling the extensions out — it’s not going to happen. When you don’t brush your extension, your real hair that you lose every day can get tangled in your extensions. Your hair extension will become matted, leading to a painful removal process.

• Proper storage: When you are not wearing your weave, it is prudent to store it well. Roll it with a piece of silk or satin fabric then place an elastic band around it. The silk/satin fabric keeps the tracks separated, thus preventing tangling while not drying the hair at the same time.

• Keep it dry: When you leave your hair extension wet for long, the bonds can easily break down and chances of you getting tangles are also higher.

• Bedtime: Before you sleep, brush your hair and then braid or tie it back loosely to avoid tangling.

• Maintenance: Visit the salon at least every six to eight weeks so that your stylist can check your hair for product build up and replace some of the bonds if you have extensive root growth.

These tips will guarantee that your virgin hair survives months to years still looking great.


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