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Modern breakup trends you should avoid

 A breakup is painful but nothing hurts more than being dishonest about it (Photo: iStock)

Ending a relationship can be quite tough and honestly, nobody wants to see the person they once deeply cared about hurt or leave.

Although a relationship might end for a variety of reasons, there are better methods to do it than sending a text message or just disappearing.

That being said, here are some modern breaking-up trends you need to avoid at all costs:

Texting or sending an Email

Honestly, this is such an impersonal way of telling someone you are breaking up with them. This just sends the message that you didn't care about the person or the relationship.


By all means, do not lie. This only makes a bad situation worse. Nobody wants to hear where they fall short or why they are being dumped but having an honest conversation with your soon-to-be ex shows maturity and respect.

The slow fade

In all honesty, if you are no longer interested in your partner or the relationship, just tell them. Do not start removing yourself from your partner's life slowly like a ghost. Wear your grown-up pants and bite the bullet.


This is the worst. Not only is someone left confused about what happened, but they also have no closure. This makes it quite difficult for a person to get over a relationship because they are left in emotional limbo with no answers or way forward to finding healing.

Public break-ups

If you are in an abusive relationship and you want to end things with your abusive partner, by all means, do that for your safety. However, if that is not the case, dumping someone in public is just humiliating for the other person. I know most people do this so as to prevent violent outbursts but breaking up with someone you love in public is just insensitive.


Please don't cheat on your partner. It is better to cut the cord and just walk away from an unfulfilling relationship, rather than wounding someone by sharing your love with someone else.


Being blindsided by a break-up feels like being punched in the throat. When you break up with someone out of the blue you go out of your way to completely destroy the other person. The person is left with more questions than answers. By pulling this move, the other party is left shattered with low self-esteem hence making it difficult for them to move on.

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