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8 questions single people wish you could stop asking



Being single especially as you get older is not funny as you will realize. People, read relatives and friends, are always up in your business wondering when you plan on settling down and if you need some help in that sector. You will always get unsolicited advice and feel left out from your group of married friends as they go on and on about their children, spouses blablabla.

What many forget is the freedom you possess when you’re single. Life is free and easy, you have more money and time to spend on yourself without a care in the world. Too bad singlehood doesn’t come without challenges and setbacks.

Whether single or not, everyone can relate to at least one of these obnoxious and sometimes rude remarks that get tossed your away because of your single status. Too bad you can’t escape them.

Here are eight questions single people wish you could keep to yourself.

Are you dating?

Like really? This is especially irritating when asked by someone you haven’t met in a while. And for those who know you more, were you dating someone they would probably have met him or her, or you would have mentioned them. So when neither has happened, they should put two and two together but they never do.

Don’t you want to have kids?

This is one of the most annoying questions one can ask a single woman. Maybe, maybe not! Has it ever occurred to these snoopy people that it could swing both ways. The pressure it brings is unfathomable and besides, one could be single not out of choice so take a chill pill.

When was the last date you had?

This is a trick question with no right answer. If you say yesterday you risk sounding like a serial dater and if you say months ago you sound like you’re struggling to find someone. Urgh!

How’s single life?

Like you are the authority or chief person of the singles club. This will come out from married friends who are curious about your life and have nothing better to ask when it comes to your personal life.

Are you too picky?

Yes mother and for good reason! If only it was that easy to defend yourself. Truth is, there is nothing wrong with having standards. At the end of the day you will be the one living with your partner daily so choose wisely. There is nothing wrong with being selective and don’t let anyone make you feel like you are the problem.

Do you need some help?

No thank you! Relatives, mothers and friends are notorious at offering to play match maker. Don’t fall for it. We understand their intentions are in the right place but it is not a grave matter that needs outside intervention unless you really want a hook up.

Are you lonely?

Often asked with an overly concerned tone as if you’ve been diagnosed with some incurable disease, this question comes from a place of sympathy and that’s what’s so annoying about it. You’re single not dying. Goodness!

What happened to X?

Don’t know, don’t care would be the appropriate answer but you don’t want to sound looney and unstable hence your relationship status. Your ex from four years ago will continue to be the subject of discussion whenever family gets together, and it sucks for miles. Who cares if you bonded with them? It is done and dusted can we please move on?

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