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Woman asks Tinder match to 'ruin her life' and his response doesn't disappoint

 She tried a different tactic and messaged a match online (Photo: Shutterstock)

When online dating and striking up a conversation, you never quite know what someone is going to say - they might hit you with a cheesy chat-up line or ask a personal question in order to get to know you.

One user recently tried a different tactic and messaged a match online, asking them to ruin their life.

The woman, known only as Astrid, wrote: "Hello. Wanna ruin my life?"

They were most likely expecting some sort of amusing comment in return, but the other person's response was completely unexpected and didn't disappoint.

A screenshot of the bizarre conversation has since been shared on Reddit's Tinder forum.

In response to the question, the Tinder match actually does try to ruin the person's life by sharing a creepy theory about the Disney movie, Peter Pan.

They said: "Peter Pan was an angel that held kids' hands when on their way to heaven.

"That's why they never grow up, all those kids were dead."

 The response was unexpected (Photo: reddit)

The post was captioned: "Thou ask and thou shalt receive."

More than 1,900 people upvoted the post, with a number of people commenting on it.

One person wrote: "S**t dude, that’s dark."

Another said: "I wasn't ready to hear that bro."

"Some men just want to see the world burn," replied a third.

Someone else commented: "She said ruin her life, not destroy her childhood."

A different user added: "Could've just said Santa Claus isn't real...."

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