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It's time for Prezzo Uhuru Kenyatta to accept and move on


President Uhuru Kenyatta when he announced his first cabinet in 2013 at State House flanked by his deputy William Ruto. [File, Standard]

Hearty congratulations to Prezzo-elect Bill Ruto! These are the words that outgoing Prezzo UK has been unable to utter to his estranged deputy, who will succeed him next week.

Prezzo UK says he will discharge his last State duty, when he hands instruments of power to now Prezzo-elect Bill Ruto, with a smile, although he maintains that Baba, aka Raila Odinga, will remain “his leader.”

Nearly 10 years ago, Prezzo UK had received the same instruments from our third Prezzo, Mwai Kibaki. Prezzo UK had committed to serve for 10 years, before passing on the baton to his deputy.

Somewhere along the way, Prezzo UK changed his mind about his successor, but the Prezzo-elect successfully canvassed his candidature, warming his way into a region that the Kenyattas held in their palm for most of the life of this nation.

After suffering a public rebuke, Prezzo UK has been publicly taunted by the Prezzo-elect, whose public edicts and derisive laughter have only served to irritate him. After all, Prezzo UK is human.

We get all that. But Prezzo UK must also remember what Waswahili people say: ukichengwa tulia. After all, it’s just a political contest. He threw his hat in the ring, supported Baba over his deputy, and now the latter has emerged victorious. He needs to accept that and move on.

If he looks at the bigger picture, Prezzo UK might discover that he and the Prezzo-elect are celebrating the same thing: If his desire was to bequeath us a united nation, isn’t that what his successor has achieved by galvanising bases outside his home county?

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