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Men here are 20 signs that your girlfriend is a keeper

Marriage Advice
 If you feel she adds value and can’t live without her then you probably shouldn’t let go
Unless you have other plans,at one point in your social life, you will have to settle done. But then how do you get into a relationship that has a purpose?

After all the games and heart break, it reaches a point where you just want to settle down with the right person.

But how do you know she could be the one? If you’re really wondering whether she is wife material there are certain traits you should watch out for. If you find a girl like this, she is a keeper. Don’t let her go!

She is a good person

This is relative and what might be good to you might not be good to the next person. Define what a good woman is to you and if she has it, this is half the work done right there.

You have chemistry

If the two of you get along well, share a similar sense of humor and have complimentary personalities, you could be onto something big here.

She has good relationships with her family

How she treats and relates with her family and friends should be a parameter of how well the two of you will get along. Unless there is a serious issue, better run for the hills if no one can stand her.

She’s not your usual type
 A totally different kind of girl may be the solution

If she’s different from all the other girls you have dated or ever wanted to date that should be a sign something good may come out of it. The reason your previous relationships never worked out could be because you went for the same toxic behavioral traits. A totally different kind of girl may be the solution.

She has a forgiving heart

No one is perfect so we’re all bound to make mistakes. How she reacts afterwards will determine how emotionally mature she is. Grudges are a recipe for disaster and if she finds it difficult to forgive no matter how petty the situation is, get out!

She is comfortable in her own skin

A confident woman has an aura to her that makes her attractive because she loves and accepts herself as she is. It’s either you’re in with the program or you’re out.

She has her own life

If she is not up in your business asking where you are, doing what, with who, you’re home dry. Put a ring on it. A woman who has her own life and doesn’t question what you have been up to when you’re apart because she trusts you is definitely a keeper. She understands your time together and the meaning of space.

She is supportive

You can do no wrong before her eyes and for that reason she’s a fan of all your endeavors. She doesn’t relish in bringing you down, mocking you or belittling you. You need someone to help you achieve your dreams not hinder.

You can trust her
 She introduces you to new experiences

She knows all your passwords, you can leave money lying around and even if you left your phone behind you know she won’t go snooping around. This is because she has earned your trust you have no reason to be suspicious.

You think she is beautiful

Every time you lay your eyes on her you cannot help but think how beautiful she is regardless of whether she is sleeping, angry, sick or dolled up.

She introduces you to new experiences

It may be something as silly as a new ice-cream flavor, hangout joint or a way to fold clothes. If you can take advice and value her opinion, she may be someone you need in your life.

She improves your life

If you feel she adds value and can’t live without her then you probably shouldn’t. Like wine, a good partner gets better with age. If she has made you a better person throughout the course of your relationship and you know she loves you even when she is mad at you, you better make the marriage commitment.

You balance each other out

If you function better together than when you’re alone the you have found your butter to your bread.

She has seen your vulnerable side

Guys are raised to never ever show their weakness no matter the situation. Butif she has seen you cry or in grief, this means you have put you are comfortable around her and you have put your walls down.

She doesn’t force you to change

This could be one of the most important factors. She has accepted you as you are regardless of your flaws and doesn’t try to change you.

People in your life like her

Approval from your friends and family do matter because they know you best and have the ability to gauge her from a critical view. If she gets along with people that matter most in your life no matter how crazy your mother is or how bad your best friend curses, that’s a plus.

You share similar interests

It helps when you like the same things and if not the least she can do is take interest say in your favorite sports, video games etc.

You share similar values

It is important to meet minds on certain issues like faith, raising children, finances etc otherwise it can cause a great rift and resentment.

She spends money on you
 She spends money on you

If she sees something that you may like she buys it for you with her own money.

Share your vices

There are those things you shouldn’t do but still do and it even gets better when you can do it together. This increases your bond and excitement. Whatever it is indulge responsibly.

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