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How to throw a party at home

 How to throw a party at home (Photo: iStock)

Transforming your home and having family and friends come over for a fun-filled weekend sounds exciting, but the thought of the post-party chaos might make you pause.

The thought of cleaning up the day after is enough to cancel those plans. But don’t panic! With proper planning, your house will officially become party central.

Plan first

Start by envisioning your ideal soirée. Is it a casual get-together, a themed night with no children allowed or is it an intimate dinner party? Think about the guest list, theme and budget. Do not overload the guest list - remember, quality conversations thrive in manageable groups.

Once you have a rough idea of the number of guests, come up with a budget and stick to it. You can still impress without breaking the bank. In all seriousness, a Kenyan sherehe is complete with meat and alcohol.


Declutter your space and move furniture around if you have to, to create a clear flow for mingling and movement.

To save up on cleaning time buy some disposable plates, cups and utensils - less washing dishes translates to more party time. Stock up on essentials like ice, trash bags and cleaning supplies.

Prepare a simple playlist that sets the mood without competing with conversation. No need for a DJ.

The food and fun factor

If you want something nice, finger foods are your friends! Choose options that cater to different dietary needs and are easy to grab and go. Set up designated food and drink stations to avoid bottlenecks.

Plan some fun activities or conversation starters like board games, themed cocktails or a DIY craft station especially if children will also be in attendance.

Don’t forget seating arrangements factoring in your theme. A mix of cosy corners and open spaces encourages interaction.

Party night

Welcome your guests with a warm smile and let the fun begin! Do not be afraid to delegate tasks; ask someone to be in charge of the music, another to replenish food and so on. Mingle, mingle, mingle! Your energy sets the tone, so embrace the joy of hosting by being super social.

The party wind down

As guests start to leave and the music changes tempo, announce a ‘’cleaning fairy hour’’ with a surprise thereafter. That could be anything, a dessert cake, more cocktails, you decide.

Encourage guests to help clear plates, serviettes and cups. Once everyone is gone, tackle the dishes swiftly while the momentum is high. Throw away disposables, wipe down surfaces and vacuum high-traffic areas. Remember, tackling the mess as soon as possible makes it significantly easier.

The morning after

Do not be discouraged by any lingering chaos. Reward yourself for a successful party with a leisurely breakfast or a drink. Tackle remaining chores in small bursts throughout the day.

Soon, your home will be back to its pre-party state, and all you will have are happy memories and the knowledge that you hosted an unforgettable event.

Remember, hosting is about creating an atmosphere of joy and connection. Let go of perfectionism, embrace spontaneity and enjoy the celebration!

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