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Five relaxing colours you can paint your bedroom

 The best relaxing colours for your bedroom (Photo: iStock)

Colour might seem like something so basic but it's actually very powerful. This is true because every colour causes our brains to react a certain way, which can either make us feel calm or stressed. If you don't believe it, feel free to test this theory.

When it comes to colour choices in our homes, we sometimes don't know why some are popular while others aren't. For example, you won't often choose or see colours like black because it just has an unsettling vibe to it.

There are also some colours that are suitable for specific rooms in a home like the bedroom. As you decide what colours to paint your walls, you should choose from options that match the energy of the room.

A bedroom should be a place where you want to feel relaxed and stress-free so colours that could cause you to feel anxious or agitated, like red, should be avoided.

To remove the risk of picking the wrong colour for one of the most important rooms in your house, here are some great options you should take into consideration:


Grey has been a trendy paint colour in homes across the world. There are different shades from dark to lighter shades, and the one that is recommended for the bedroom is the lighter version.

Light grey works because it is neutral so it can help you relax more. And from an aesthetic perspective, it will give you more room to decorate your space how you want since it will blend easily with colourful decor as well as silver and gold pieces.


Blush is a soft, glamorous pink that would be perfect for your room. It's not too overwhelming to the eye like bright pinks and it brings some warmth into a space.

This colour will give you happy, spring vibes and that might be exactly what you need to give your bedroom the kind of energy you need.

Soft white

White is another shade that could be a good choice. Just like grey, it's neutral and easy to decorate or pair with other colours.

Although not all whites are good for the bedroom or any other room for that matter. Options like brilliant white can give this sterile and cold feeling, which is why it is better to pick a soft white or other close alternatives that have warm, yellow undertones.


If you're looking for something fun with a bit of colour, you should choose lavender. Unlike the intense purple that is so common in children's bedrooms, lavender has a more elegant look.

With its muted tones and calm essence, you will always feel like you're going to sleep in a field of flowers with this shade.

Light blues

Light shades of blue are often the choice for nursery rooms and that is because they can help soothe babies. Science can back this up because they can actually help to reduce feelings of anxiety, the sleep experts also approve of this colour in the bedroom as well.

You could try different shades of light blue or maybe even pair a darker blue with warm white walls.

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