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You are a foolish woman only if…

Don’t just choose to love blindly 


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Love is blind. Imagine waking up one day to the shocking revelation that you tied the knot with a con artist masquerading as a man of cloth?

This is one of quite a few unpleasant scenarios you might find yourself in if you choose to love blindly.

Other women have been bombarded with news of their men’s secret families after investing years with the men. Even worse is that unsuspecting woman who discovers that her husband swings both ways.

It is devastating to say the least, yet the signs of his double life were always there. You just chose to love blindly.

 Women need to wake up and smell the coffee. It is rather unsettling to stand up and declare you knew nothing of your partner’s ‘extra-curricular’ activities. That kind of naivety is astounding!

It means you played the role of the submissive wife to the letter. You kept his stomach full and his bed warm. Everything else was none of your business.

In your retarded bliss, you hung on to his every word even when the tell-tale signs of his dubious ways were right in front of your eyes. You were just too head-over-heels in love to see the bigger picture.

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 There is no excuse for being downright dumb and gullible. You get played for a fool because you really are a fool.

You need to learn how to stay on top of the game lest you set yourself up for public humiliation.

Don’t be too mesmerised by his charm and charisma to allow yourself to be kept under his thumb. Drop the ‘subordinate’ act. Times have changed. Now more than ever, women need to keep their guard up.

 Women need to learn how to keep tabs on their men. You need to know the comings and goings of your man at all times. Before you go up in arms citing honesty and trust in a relationship, ask yourself if you would rather be the ‘slightly’ insecure girlfriend or the woman who married a closeted gay man.

Now, I am not saying that you put up a 24-hour surveillance on him. Be subtle. Keep your ears and eyes open. Don’t ignore any fishy behaviour. Listen to what your friends say about him. They are in the best position to give you an honest and more objective opinion about your love interest.

 Ladies, it is time to stop falling victim to these unscrupulous men who don’t have your interest at heart. You would rather be single with  peace of mind, than get involved with a raging psychopath. Let us exercise a little wisdom when deciding the kind of men to get involved with.


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