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How to plan a short trip this December on a budget

 Here are some useful tips on how you can plan a short December trip without compromising your financial health [Adobe Stock]

The biggest holiday season is almost here and that means two things, lots of good food and travel. Many of us are eager to travel whether it's long-distance trips or a staycation as we celebrate the end 2022 with all its ups and downs.

Right now however with the inflation and high cost of living, fewer people can comfortably say that they have not just sufficient, but abundant finances to plan for a trip for a whole family. This last half of the year has really squeezed people financially and many of us will have to settle for a cheap trip which is fine too.

Before you feel discouraged it is important to note that trips on a budget can be fun too. And if you don't believe it, here are some useful tips on how you can plan one for December without risking your financial health.

Create a holiday budget

Budgets are a great way of ensuring you stay on track regardless of how much you make. It allows you to allocate every coin that comes in, which is an easy way of improving your money habits.

A budget can also come in handy when you're planning something like a short trip in this case. You need to think about how much you're planning to spend on transport, food, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses that might come up.

It might not be perfectly accurate but, you will have a rough estimate of what you can afford.

Research on locations that match your budget

Start thinking of where you want to go and the specific locations within that area that can fit your budget. This is also important because it's connected to how much you will need to spend on transport costs especially.

The best place to look is online. You can also ask for some recommendations in case someone you know knows some affordable spots. As you look around and get different estimates, you will also be able to adjust your budget accordingly.

 The earlier you save, the better your trip will be [iStock]

Go as a group

Travelling with others is also a way of getting more for less. There could be offers and discount packages for bigger groups of people which will be a huge win for your wallet.

When you're many, you can also agree among yourselves to divide costs whether it's fuel or food expenses. Consider gathering more people for this trip and you could all have the advantage of saving more.

Limit your current spending

The earlier you save, the better your trip will be. And the plans to save should start as soon as possible because December is right around the corner.

You might have to avoid going for expensive lunch dates or partying every weekend for now because every coin is important. It will all pay off when you realize you have some back up money to sustain you after the trip is over.

Have a flexible plan

With enough creativity, you can think of multiple ways to save. For example, you can pack some food instead of buying some along the way on the day you're travelling or have a camping experience rather than book an expensive hotel.

Just think of those details that could help you save more than you already have.

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