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Why women wear butt and hip boosters


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 Hip boosters are currently trending (Photo: KnowFashionStyle, Amazon/ Pinterest)

People have different opinions on temporary body enhancers like body shapers. On one side, people say that you should do whatever makes you happy while at the same time, openly admitting when you wear them, you become subject to a lot of criticism.

Typically, people have been going for shapewear that firms and enhances certain parts but now, those that actually add something extra are being used more often. The two most common these days are butt and hip boosters.

It's not hard to come across booty and hip enhancers if you know where to check on social media and certain streets in Nairobi.

As if that isn't enough, they have become more mainstream you can actually find them in supermarkets. But funny enough, you will rarely see anyone confidently placing them on the counter while preparing to pay.

So, what's the deal with these enhancers? Why are women more willing to spend the extra cash and deal with the discomfort to fake their appearance? Let us find out:

It boosts confidence

It's a known thing that females are more likely to be affected by body image issues than males. Even in adulthood, many women are still learning how to love and accept themselves as they are.

These challenges have pushed some women to wear these enhancers. When they put them on and look at themselves in the mirror, they feel better about their new body shape.

Societal pressure

Here in Africa particularly, a voluptuous, full body has been the ideal for so long. In other societies, the story is the same because a shapely body is often connected to womanliness and femininity.

This concept also affects how we think because when people are advertising these products, you'll often see a before photo, which subconsciously tells us that a natural body is bad, and an after photo with the new ideal look.

That is to say that there is a lot of pressure to have a certain body type to qualify as a 'real' woman.

They are trendy

Part of the reason why women wear them is that it's becoming more popular to change how your body looks.

You have probably come across posts on social media where you can tell that someone is wearing something to enhance their body, and that, it has become a trendy and acceptable beauty secret. Also, if celebrities are doing it, then more people are likely to follow.

Full features attract more attention

A lot of women don't like to admit that they like getting attention from men but they do. If their natural body isn't getting them the attention they crave, then they opt for these products.

For some of the women, they are worth wearing if they will get some extra likes on social media or a couple of stares and catcalls as they walk by.

They are cheaper than surgery, pills and injections

Some women would also love to permanently get that desired figure but they're not able to afford it. The other option is to take enhancing pills but, you have to take them for a long time, which can also be costly and dangerous in the long run.

These temporary enhancers might be an option because some wouldn't want to risk their lives going for surgery or taking toxic pills and injections. They would rather buy a couple of boosters that are safe, affordable and easy to replace.

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