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Are you an African timer?

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 Do you consider yourself an African timer? (Photo: iStock)

A common thing that we Africans hear of, talk about or admit to is African timing. It happens all the time and if you want to test that theory, tell your friends and family you're having a party at 2 pm and see how many people actually show up right on time.

Some people say that African timing is a thing because we tend to be more relaxed when it comes to time. This is all fun and games but it won't be so cute when you show up late for an interview or a flight.

If you recognize yourself as a classic African timer and you want to change, here is what you can do:

Wear a watch

Wearing a watch makes you look organized. But most importantly, it serves a purpose, which is to remind you to keep time.

This is an old-fashioned way of doing things since people are relying on their phones more but, it really works. Simple watches are not as distracting as phones and you can set the time 10 or 15 minutes ahead to keep you on your toes.

Be intentional about respecting other people's time

Thinking about how we waste other people's time is very sobering. We might not feel it as much when we do it to others, but at the same time, we get furious when someone does it to us.

So, remember that being on time is a sign of respect. This will help you realize that you should start taking punctuality seriously.

Work with daily schedules

Having schedules and routines make life so much easier. They also help to create more order, which also reduces stress levels.

For you to break out of that African Timer stereotype in your personal life, you can figure out a routine that will motivate you. Planning gets things done on time so that you won't constantly be late for everything.

Sleep on time

A new day usually starts the night before. You know that if you stay up late, you will wake up late and if you wake up late, you might struggle to get things done in an organized way.

We've all been guilty of this and if you're not careful, it will turn into a habit that's hard to quit. You just have to change one day at a time until you get the hang of it.

Learn to ignore 'the voice'

You know that voice that tells you to sleep for 15 more minutes or the one that tries to convince you to just watch the one extra episode when you have the stuff to do? That voice is usually wrong because it can really make you waste time you already don't have.

The next time you hear it, don't believe what it's telling you. Learn how to avoid that distraction.

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