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How to promote your child's literacy in this age

 During those early stages of development, it's important for you to encourage literacy skills in your child [Courtesy]

The duty of parenting is one that involves different spheres. Primarily, you're their guardian, but you're also their mentor, teacher, counselor and even friend.

Focusing on the aspect of being their teacher, you need to know that you're a key part of your children's development process. They need you to be there for them as they learn how to express themselves, how to talk and basically, how to navigate through communication milestones.

During those early stages of development, it's important for you to encourage literacy skills in your child. We know literacy as the ability to read and write, but in these modern times, that definition has been expanded to include more elements.

We are now living in a very fast-paced technological world and that means parents have to embrace the new changes. This can determine the kind of opportunities your child will have in future so to stay updated, here are some of the ways you can encourage your child's literacy.

Equip them with digital literacy

Digital literacy is what separates the older generation from the new generation. And in the modern world, it can be very tough to navigate if you don't have the proper technological skills.

Some of the basics every child needs to know are online safety and identity as well as how to utilize technology to enhance learning.

 Digital literacy is what separates the older generation from the new generation [Courtesy]

Read together

As much as we love what technology has brought, we still need to maintain traditional forms of connecting with our kids. When you're there reading something aloud or reading with them as they see the words and differentiate sounds, it stimulates development in a more efficient way.

You can also read them bedtime stories often instead of letting devices do all the work. With you there they have the opportunity to learn more.

Encourage more conversations

Literacy and communication are also intertwined. When they learn how to link words, letters or numbers to sounds, they will be able to develop their language and vocabulary better.

This is also vital because it will help them socialize more confidently. Therefore, encourage them to talk more by asking questions and letting them complete their own sentences. Also, remember to give them room to make mistakes as you correct them throughout this learning process.

Play educative games

Children love to play games even when they're basic. There are plenty of literacy games you can play with them so they can have fun and learn at the same time.

If you're taking a walk with them, you can start a simple counting game or a colors game where they identify colors of objects they see.

This encourages problem-solving, critical thinking and other important skills for their development.

Involve yourself in their school life

Parenting doesn't just end at paying for school fees and sponsoring trips. The most important part is being involved in the process of learning that your child is going through.

If you're not keen, you might now know what areas your child needs help in. You should also be more involved with their teachers so you can notice some of these details.

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