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Five major problems plaguing millennial marriages

 Here are a couple of common problems that continue to trouble married millennials [Courtesy]

The modern world has changed how we interact with each other in our relationships. This is partly due to technology and, contemporary societal values.

When it comes to marriages, we can easily spot the difference between how our great grandparents operated and how that has transformed into what we see today. And it's clear that marriage isn't what it used to be, despite that fact that many people would still want to walk done the aisle.

Millennials marriages particularly have suffered a lot. Many are choosing to get married much later in life and unfortunately, many end up in divorce court.

Here are a couple of common problems that continue to trouble married millennials.

Financial issues

Every generation has experienced some financial problems. But for millennials, the statistics indicate that many of them are unemployed or in jobs that can't properly support a family. Also, they're suffering with money management practices like budgeting and saving.

Despite what their bad money habits, it isn't entirely their fault considering there are other external factors like high cost of living and inflation all over the world. These financial pressures cause many millennial marriages to struggle.

  Financial pressures cause many millennial marriages to struggle [Courtesy]

Family expectations

Many millennials experience a lot of pressure to have children after marriage. There are biological, personal, family, religious and social pressures to start a family, and this is often the cause of arguments in millennial marriages.

This might not be as common in younger millennials but for the older ones, this is still a sensitive topic.

Shifting gender attitudes

There is also a huge gender battle happening right now. We have feminism that is continuing to change our expectations as far as dating and marrying is concerned and on the other side, there is a growing 'manosphere' community where men are becoming more vocal about their resistance to feministic ideas.

This gender war has been exacerbated by social media and a huge chunk of people who are participating are millennials. Consequently, this has affected people's willingness to get married and probably triggered couples in their marriages.

Battles on who should pay for certain bills, who should cook and who should clean are a big problem for these marriages.

Mistrust and suspicion

Social media has the power to shape how we think even in our marriages. And again, it has exposed the rot of mistrust that troubles millennial marriages.

Right now, men are being encouraged to get DNA tests to confirm if their children are truly theirs. Also, the incidents of abuse that women go through in their marriages are being exposed now that we're being educated on different forms of abuse. This is another major problem that millennial couples are dealing with.

 Mistrust and suspicion trouples many millenial marriages [Courtesy]

Many millennial men are also suffering physical and emotional abuse from their toxic wives leading to breakdown in these marriages.

Mental health challenges

Millennials are also a generation struggling with mental illnesses. There is a lot of unhealed childhood trauma, financial stress and other challenges contributing to this problem.

These issues have sneaked into their marriages, and this has exposed them to everything from communication issues to chronic depression and suicides.

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