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How to take care of tattooed skin

 Never avoid anything you find odd with your tattoo, go for a checkup immediately (Photo: Courtesy)

Getting a tattoo is quite a commitment. Before you get one, you have to carefully research the tattoo artist and you have to be a hundred percent sure of the location and design because this is something that you might be stuck with for life.

Once you've done your research and finally gotten your tattoo, the next step is to think about aftercare. This is crucial because even when your tattoo is healed, you have to take care of your skin a certain way to prevent any complications.

Your tattoo and skin should remain intact if you follow these essential guidelines:

Religiously follow the aftercare steps

A fresh tattoo is the most delicate kind of tattoo. What you do in this step will completely affect how your skin will heal so you need to be very consistent here.

Most of the time, you'll be advised to apply a specific ointment and to avoid getting hot water on that area for a while. Make sure you follow these steps along with the other important guidelines that your artist has given you.

Never pick your tattooed skin

While your tattoo is still healing, the skin will start to peel and get very itchy at some point. This is part of the process and it's very easy to find yourself scratching those areas.

This is something you should avoid because you might expose your skin to infections. And, there is a possibility of leaving behind a scar, which will ruin the design.

This should also apply to older tattoos. If you get any itchy pimples, just apply pimple cream instead of vigorously scratching or picking the area.

Moisturize your skin

Your tattooed skin still needs some moisture just like any other part of your body. When it's well moisturized, it actually adds some vibrancy.

The best moisturizers to go for are the ones suitable for sensitive skin. Those with harsh ingredients might irritate your skin especially because tattooed skin is already sensitive, even when it's an old tattoo.

Apply sunscreen

The discussion surrounding tattoos, sun exposure and skin cancer has been around for some time. Although so far there isn't any evidence to show that tattoos directly increase your risk of cancer when exposed to harmful UV radiation, you should still protect your skin with some sunscreen when you're outdoors.

If you focus on protecting your skin overall, including the tattooed areas, it significantly reduces your risk of developing discoloration among other complications.

Don't ignore any unusual signs

Once you get a tattoo, you don't know how your skin will react. This is risky because some tattoo inks contain very dangerous ingredients that can cause a severe allergic reaction.

If you spot any odd signs that don't seem to go away, you need to get checked.

This is crucial because tattoos can also hide signs of skin cancer, which is why you should always be observant.

If you feel something is amiss, it's better to confirm that everything is okay rather than ignoring it when it could be a major issue going on.

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