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Tips on living in a small space

 You don’t have to change houses or break a bank to make your space more livable (Shutterstock)

Whether you work from home on a daily basis or stuck home as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, a small house can sometimes feel suffocating, from design to arrangement.

You don’t have to change houses or break a bank to make your space more livable.

Here are tips that can help you maximize on your space:

Always open windows

Since you are in the house all day, ensure all windows are open to aerate the house and keep it fresh. Having windows closed will only make your house smaller since you will not be having a source of fresh air and probably your house is poorly ventilated.

This is also the time to change your curtains to lighter materials or blinders to allow enough sunshine to get into the house, this way your house will not feel like a cave.

However, keeping windows open can only work if your house is away from the road, as the noise can be distracting and not to mention the dust. The only option you might have is drawing open your curtains.

Keep your house clean

This might be the easiest way to maximize on your space. When everything is disorderly in the house, it automatically makes your space smaller.

Always ensure your clothes are properly folded and put away from eye level. Always ensure your sitting room area is clean and no items are on top of the carpet.

Your bed should always be made. It would also help to save on space and order if you kept things you need at eye level, this way you don’t have to turn your house upside down every time you are looking for something you want to use.

When a house stays clean, it will look and feel more livable and big.

 A small house can sometimes feel suffocating (Shutterstock)

Avoid hoarding items

If you don’t use it, you don’t need it. While you might be emotionally attached to items you don’t use every day, these are some of the things taking up your space for no apparent reason.

The trick to living in a small space is to investing in things that will make your house generally look big and storing items that you do not need is the first step on the wrong direction.

Streamline your stuff and get rid of items that you haven’t touched in generally three months, it could be: shoes, clothes, bedcovers, furniture or utensils. You can donate these items or sell them.

Avoid huddling in one place

Since your space is already small, do not stay huddled in one place all day, like on the couch.

You can maximize on your space by shifting around. You can have intermittent rests on the bed or going outside to get some fresh air while you work on something on your computer.

Sitting on your couch all day might be comfortable but it will get monotonous really fast.

You can also change sitting positions as this can be tiring especially when you have to work from home. While you work from home, remember to take breaks in between to break the monotony.

Breaking monotony

Whether your house is situated in a crowded estate or a lonely area you need to have breaks from the normal.

Breaking the monotony of sitting in the house all day can help relieve some of the pressure of living in a small house.

If possible, you can erect a bench that you can sit on outside in the evening while relaxing to wine or read a book, this way you won’t feel too confined to your space.

Having walks or spending some time outside might not help in making your space bigger, but a least you might enjoy being in your house when you get back from a walk or an evening jog.

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