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Wife boasts about husband’s big anaconda, friend cheats with him


Perhaps this should serve as a lesson to Kenyan women who like gossiping in salons and chamas about their husbands’ bedroom prowess or weakness. A Zimbabwean woman who boasted to her friends that her husband had the longest anaconda in the country, and that he gives the best performance between the sheets, got more than she had bargained for.

As if that was not enough, the ‘lucky’ woman, Zadziso Mauro, went on to advise her friends to dump their husbands and find men gifted like her husband. Local media reported that one of her friends, only identified as Agnes, got so curious that she secretly approached the ‘blessed’ man days later and allegedly seduced him so that she could have a “feel” of his jewels and bedroom gymnastics.

However, as fate would have it, Agnes’ bedroom encounter with Mauro’s husband, Ezekiel Chinjeke, came a cropper when they were busted while engrossed in the amorous congress by her friend. And in a fit of rage, a furious Mauro took their clothes to the village headman as evidence that she caught them red-handed engaged in the act of the rod.

The shocking story, which sounds like an extract from a novel, was heard at Chief Ndanga’s traditional court where Chinjeke had been dragged by his wife.

Between the sheets

Chinjeke’s wife told Chief Ndanga that her husband embarrassed her and lowered his dignity in the village by sleeping with her friend. Chinjeke, who was denying the accusations was, however, left with egg on the face when his confiscated clothes and those of his ‘partner in crime’ were tabled as evidence.

Asked by Chief Ndanga why she committed the offence, Agnes blamed Mauro for rousing her curiosity after she bragged to her about her husband’s good performance between the sheets. She said her actions were also out of anger after Mauro advised her to divorce her husband and find another man blessed with a big ‘dudu’ like her husband.

Fooling around

“I did it out of anger after Mauro bragged, saying her husband has a big manhood and was good in bed. She courted my anger after she said I should divorce my husband and find another man like her hubby. “I then secretly went to her husband and told him everything that Mauro had told me. Her husband then asked me to accompany him to their garden where we engaged in the act. Unfortunately, she busted us in the act and confiscated our clad and underwear,” Agnes told the court. Agnes later demanded her clothes and underwear from Mauro, expressing fear that she might bewitch her as punishment for bedding her husband.

Passing judgment, Chief Ndanga ordered Chinjeke to give Agnes’ husband a bull as compensation for fooling around with his wife.

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