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6 common showering mistakes that we make


Taking a nice hot shower after a long day in the evening can be a great way to relax or get you ready to start a new day feeling rejuvenated. You might take great pleasure in taking your showers but that does not mean you are doing it the right way?

Most of our shower habits might actually be causing us more harm than good. To find out here are six ways you may be showering wrong.


Leaving your loofah in the shower

Using a loofah is a great way to scrub your body clean and remove dead cells from the skin. But leaving your loofah in the bathroom after your shower when it is not completely dry is not healthy. The dampness will cause nasty stuff such as bacteria to start breeding and growing. Always wash your loofah thoroughly after your shower, ring it dry then hang it in a dry place.

Taking long showers

To cool off and relax nothing beats a nice long shower. Unfortunately, long showers are not good for you. Ideally, you should shower for 5 to 10 minutes. Long showers will strip your skin of the much-needed moisture which will leave it feeling dry and itchy.

Washing your hair everyday

If you shampoo your hair too frequently, you are constantly stripping it of its natural oils. This is why you should avoid washing your hair every day. Shampooing your hair for not more than two times a week works great in maintaining its moisture without affecting the production of your hair’s natural oils.

Rubbing yourself dry with a towel

Most of us are guilty of this especially after a quick shower. Rubbing and friction will aggravate your delicate skin if you are drying yourself too roughly simply damaging your skin. Air drying is not the solution either as it will cause chapping. Simply pat yourself lightly with your towel until dry. Do not rub or scrub with the towel.

Delaying to apply moisturizer

If usually you wait for a while after a shower before applying your moisturizer, you are doing it wrong. It is best to apply your moisturizer when your skin to still damp for the best results. Simply pat yourself dry lightly with a towel then apply your moisturizer immediately after.

Showering with hot water

Basking under hot water in the shower feels great, but it is not recommended by dermatologists. Hot showers will wash away the natural oils in your skin causing conditions such as eczema to get worse. Using lukewarm water is the best option. This way, you maintain your skin’s natural oils which are much better for your skin than any other moisturizer you may apply afterwards.

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