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Demand for sauna in homes on the rise



Studies show that saunas deliver various health benefits, including flushing out toxins, improving the circulatory system, aiding in weight loss and providing the same results as a moderate workout.

According to a study in the Alternative Medicine Review (AMR) Journal, saunas generate persistent heat, which increases blood flow and thus boosts the circulatory system. The vapour in the saunas also relieves congestion from colds, sinus infections and allergies.

Davis and Shirtliff CEO, Alec Davis, says that saunas are gaining popularity in Kenya, especially among health-conscience individuals and those with urban sophisticated lifestyles. He adds that home sauna sales are doubling every year.


“We are experiencing growth in the Kenyan economy and with it a demand for luxurious living in the homes of the upper-middle-class and upper-class. People want to have everything they feel they need right in their own homes,” says Davis.

Davis and Shirtliff supplies saunas to upper-class and upper-middle-class private homes, which account for 80 per cent in areas such as Kileleshwa, Karen, Lavington, Muthaiga and Runda. They also supply Nyeri, Eldoret and Thika. The firm also supplies commercial holdings such as gyms and hotels around the country.

This has seen some 5,000 saunas installed with 4,000 of them in private homes. The firm insulates sauna rooms with cedar and mahogany timber as an additional service to ensure the effective functioning of the sauna.

Musa Ibrahim, a fitness supervisor, says that saunas have major weight-loss benefits, thus increasing demand among health-conscience individuals in the country.

“We had our sauna equipment re-fitted to meet the growing demand in our facility. We’re glad to get positive feedback from customers, who have expressed increased satisfaction due to improved physical well-being from sauna use,” said Ibrahim.

Flushing toxins

Rita Kibet a Nairobi-based executive says she used to visit a sauna every week to help her cope with high blood pressure and later decided to install one in her home for convenience.

The AMR journal also noted that the deep sweating associated with sauna use flushes out toxins from the body absorbed mostly from the pollution in urban environments. Saunas also help in softening the skin through sweating at the same time opening up pores in the skin.

Saunas are able to significantly lower incidents of colds and minor respiratory diseases by triggering rapid production of white blood cells, which then improve the body’s immune system.

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