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How to decorate using Asian-influenced decor


Asian decorAsian décor is simple and uncluttered, but utilizes elegant furnishings, furniture, and art. It gives your room a sleek, serene and peaceful atmosphere. Lately, the style has merged with Western decor to create a unique Asian-influenced decor. A few differences will give you an Asian-inspired décor without you digging deep into your pocket.

Accessories: Decorative accessories matter a lot if you want to pull off the Asian-inspired look.  Simply change your accessories, and voila! Go for knick-knacks, wall art and pillows, in colours and patterns that match Asian style. Incorporate Asian style potted plants, exotic knick-knacks or anything with an Asian look.

Walls: Your room colours matter a lot when it comes to this décor. Utilize reds, soft tones and contrasting woods on your wall colour or accessories. Gold too, is a common accent in Asian décor. Your focal walls can, however, look great painted in a vibrant colour. If you can afford, hang Asian silk paintings framed in vintage frames on your wall for an exotic appeal.

Furniture: These do not have to match. Bolder colours and dark earth tones will work better for your furniture and accessories. Try, as much as possible, to have sleek and elegant sofa, coffee table, and end tables.  Pieces with a black lacquer finish complete the look. Geometric furniture pieces could also add a contemporary feel to the space.

Floors: Cover your floor with rugs that have the Asian decor. Oriental rugs are a common aspect of Asian décor when it comes to floor covering. Floor screens that serve as room dividers or hide unattractive corners also feature a lot in this style.

Lighting:  To complete your Asian look, choose lighting in terms of type and style. Have a table lamp combined with recessed lighting.

Windows: There are many ways you can dress up your window to match this style. Match them with the colours of other fabrics and colours in the room. Go for light fabrics like silk and shears.  If your rugs, furniture and wall hangings are elaborate, go for simple curtains and vice versa.

Simplicity and serenity are key and essential to a truly authentic Asian style room.

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