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Farmer demands dowry from man caught romping his goat


dowry for romping goat

A goat owner shocked residents of a village in Londiani District, Kericho County after he refused to relent on his demands to have a man caught having an unnatural act with his goat pay him dowry.

This is after it emerged that the man, after he was caught red handed in the act, confessed he had gained canal knowledge of the animal — severally.

The 20-year-old suspect has been working at an eatery in a nearby shopping centre. A witness by the name Kibet told Crazy Monday the man confessed he has a fetish for goats, and he had been having ‘relations’ with them for a while.

Allegedly, the man is very shy and prefers goats. He likes goats so much so that every time he passed by the field where they were being herded, on his way to the river for a bathe, he would steer away one goat with him.

He would take the goat to a nearby bush, ravish it and once he was done, steer it back to join the rest before he proceeded to take a bathe. This, he did without the goatherd being any wiser.

His 40th day would, however, come in style. On the fateful afternoon, he had sneaked from his workplace as usual, on the pretext that he was going to take a bath at a nearby river. He steered one goat to the bush and just when he had launched into the combat, the bleats of a goat in pain attracted a farmer who was working on his farm nearby.

The farmer, who was busy on his farm, claimed he had become suspicious of the man but never gave it much thought.

“The moment I saw him steer the goat toward the bush, I got nervous but assumed he was a goatherd and had good intentions,” revealed the tomato farmer.

Hardly had he settled down with the animal, than it began bleating rather painfully attracting the attention of the farmer.

“That he had melted in the bush with the goat a couple of minutes earlier and bleats could be heard emanating, made me suspicious. I decided to check out what was happening,” adds the farmer.

Upon tiptoeing to the scene, he caught the man red-handed squatting behind the goat as it struggled to extricate itself from his grasp.

Embarrassed of being busted, the man let off the goat and knelt down with his arms up in the air, as if to surrender. The shocked farmer called for reinforcement from area youth, who assisted him to arrest the man before handing him over to the local chief.

The man was lucky the chief, a Mr Ngetich, was quick to save him from a bunch of angry locals baying for his blood at the shopping centre. The chief handed he suspect to the police for the next course of action. Locals taunted the man and wondered aloud why he could subject a humble animal to such torture, yet women were in plenty in the area.

“Why torture the goat yet we have women desperate for his services? If he is man enough, he should leave humble animals alone and try those jokes on dogs, donkeys and such like deadly animals,” an angry villager taunted him.

Meanwhile, as the hullabaloo went on, the goat owner stuck to his guns: “I want nothing short of dowry, this man has confessed he has been molesting my goats for long”. The suspect is in police custody.

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