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Which one are you? How different women behave when they are drunk …

Lady Speak
 Other ladies take up a whole new personality when they have had one too many

Just like their male counterparts, women like their liquor. There is nothing wrong with a woman indulging in a few once in a while. However, some women haven’t quite grasped the concept of moderation. Among the thrills—and pitfalls—of being under the influence, is that it allows people to cast off the shackles of normal human behaviour.

While quite a number of women can go out and have a few drinks but still carry themselves in a respectable manner, others take up a whole new personality when they have had one too many. Here are few types of intoxicated girls you are bound to meet in any drinking hole:

The happy-go-lucky We have all met this drunk girl at a bar. She is shy and withdrawn, but once the liquor starts flowing through her veins, she becomes little miss sunshine. Being inebriated gets her into a ridiculously good mood and she will act like she is having the greatest time of her life. She becomes the life of the party. She can’t stop smiling and laughing and seems overly enthusiastic about life.

She becomes very talkative and will strike up random conversations with strangers. With a little liquid courage taking care of all her inhibitions, she will dance like there is no tomorrow, even on table tops. To pass on the positive vibes, she might tap into her philanthropic side and offer to buy shots for everyone.

The sad and emotional Alcohol has the opposite effect on this one. Maybe she was sad to begin with, but the alcohol just amplified that sadness tenfold. Once she hits the bottle, she transforms into a miserable, sobbing, dejected drunk whose life seems to have hit rock bottom.

Maybe she just got dumped or has lost her job. She is a bummer to be around. She will spend the entire night recounting every single moment in her life that she has been hurt or rejected. This is the kind of drunk woman who drunk-texts her exes, either lashing out or declaring her undying love.

The philosophical drunk You know this kind of drunk woman. When she is her usual self, she has an intellect rivaled only by garden tools, but once she gets intoxicated, she wants to debate big topics like Friedrich Nietzche’s moral and political philosophy. Instead of the usual shallow bar talk with the opposite sex, she wants to discuss whether it is nature or nurture that shapes our personalities. She will ask you odd questions like, ‘What is true happiness?’ When she is not bombarding you with ‘deep’ questions, she is whipping out obscure facts about the universe, like how the Andromeda galaxy is Earth’s closest galactic neighbour.

The sleazy one Men absolutely love this drunk woman. She is conservative and modest all other times, but when she gets tanked up, she becomes slutty and whorish. Nothing is too indecent or inappropriate. She will come at you with lascivious comments and suggestive gropes. She will grind on anyone who does not object and might actually go home with a stranger. The alcohol in her system also makes her get in touch with her inner exhibitionist.


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