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Homestyle: Four rules for healthy houseplants

Interior décor
 Taking care of plants is much like taking care of babies or pets (Shutterstock)

Houseplants are a part of every health conscious person’s décor. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they also clean the air we breathe.

Taking care of plants is much like taking care of babies or pets. It can be a source of pain and joy all at the same time. Got some houseplants? Here is how to give them a little TLC.


Old growth slows down your plant’s growth curve. Occasionally trimming out and pruning old stalks on your plants will kick start your plants to a new growth curve.

Plants work in a similar way to your hair. You get better growth when you trim the split ends. Plants tend to wilt after cold months so this is usually the best time to do some pruning.

Resist the urge to overwater

Excess water causes root rot, a condition that is life threatening condition for many a plant. A plant regenerates faster after a drought period than a flooded one.

Most plants will need water every other day, a few succulents will need it much less than usual. The key is to water your plant as soon as the soil feels dry.

 Not only are they beautiful to look at, they also clean the air we breathe (Shutterstock)

Know how deep to water

Water reaches different levels of roots. Light watering is only beneficial to the top level roots.

You might notice your plant getting weaker if you only water it lightly. Watering your plants deeply allows all the roots a fair amount of absorption.

Know when to water

Potted plants are not very easy to water. One can never tell if the plant is drowning.

You might not be certain how often you should water them. If your plant is showing signs of drying out and yellowing, it might need extra watering. Stick a butter knife in the first inch of pot soil. If it comes out dry, this is a sign that the plant is thirsty.

Most plants in pots do not need fertilisers. Once every two years, you can repot them.

In addition to pruning, watering and waxing spend some time talking and touching your plants. They are like people, they need love.

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