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How does being in love feel?

 How do you know you are in love? (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

I am dating, and enjoying every minute of it. But when my friends ask me whether I am in love with my boyfriend, I do not know what to say! What does being in love even feel like? How would I know it's real?

Am I in love?

Chris says,

Hi Am I in Love?!

Good question. You are in love if your boyfriend feels so special you cannot think straight. Everything seems to revolve around him, and every moment together is full of new meaning. You think of little else but your next date, his looks, intelligence and creativity seem way ahead of everyone else, and somehow he can do no wrong.

You want to know everything about him. What he thinks, what makes him laugh. You cannot imagine what you saw in previous boyfriends, do not notice even the most amazing men throwing themselves at you, and cannot concentrate on even the simplest of tasks.

A few more important questions. Can you be yourself when you are together? Does your boyfriend make you feel good about yourself? Would you feel the same about him if he lost all his money? Are you happy? Do you feel loved in return? Does your boyfriend treat you well?

Any doubts, there are a couple more questions to ask. Do you make plans for the weekend together, or just meet up almost accidentally? Do you only ever hang out in restaurants and bars? If that is you, then try spending some real time together and becoming part of each other's lives. And if that is not happening, ask yourself why not. What happens when you are apart? Are you sure?

Because lasting relationships are only ever built on trust, honesty and commitment. What love adds is intimacy and romance; the happiness of being together, support, the ability to talk about anything, and finding that you see eye to eye on really important issues.

So are you in love? Any doubts, you should keep on looking. But if you are, and you are with someone who loves you in return, do not let it slip through your fingers.

All the best,


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