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How to know you are dating a hobosexual

 How to know you are dating a hobosexual (Photo: iStock)

Do you have the feeling that your partner always spends too much time at your house? And barely contributes to dates or outings? You could be dating a hobosexual.

By definition, a hobosexual is a person who seeks romantic relationships primarily for financial gain or a place to live.

They usually make the best lovers and faithful partners at first, which could fool you, but they never stay around too long lest you find out the 'truth'.

Here are some possible signs that your partner may be a hobosexual:

Financial dependence:

If your partner consistently relies on you for money, shelter, or resources without actively attempting to contribute financially, it could be a signal.

Lack of personal responsibility:

When your partner consistently avoids taking responsibility for their own life or appears unmotivated to make positive changes, it could be indicative of a "hobosexual" mindset.

Limited ambition or steady employment:

They lack clear career goals, don't hold a steady job, or show little motivation to make progress professionally, which may suggest they're more focused on finding financial stability through a relationship.

Limited or nonexistent living arrangements:

If your partner continually avoids establishing a stable living situation, frequently crashing on friends' couches, it might indicate a pattern of relying on others for shelter and resources.

Lack of contribution to household responsibilities:

If your partner consistently avoids helping with household chores, bills, or other shared responsibilities, it might suggest they are taking advantage of your resources without making a fair contribution.

Unusual focus on your financial status:

Your partner seems overly concerned with your income, possessions, or material possessions, constantly making comments or requests related to money, it could be a sign that they are more interested in what you can provide financially rather than building a genuine emotional connection.

Manipulative behaviour:

If your partner constantly tries to guilt or manipulate you into providing for their needs or wants, using emotional tactics to make you feel obligated to support them, it may be a sign of a hobosexual mindset.

They don’t do long-term relationships:

Hobos rarely commit to long-term relationships because they don't really bring anything to the table. They are serial daters and will jump from relationship to relationship in order to survive. While not all may be hobosexuals, the obvious excuse for living arrangements is a non-existent roommate.

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