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Wedding etiquette: Rules every guest should observe

 Here are some tips on how to behave as a guest during a wedding [Courtesy, Freepik]

Weddings are considered special ceremonies, especially for the couple. It is that one day when the bride and the bridegroom go all out to celebrate their union.

And in those ceremonies, there are some etiquette rules that one is expected to adhere to. Here are some tips on how to behave as a guest during a wedding.    

Keep to the dress code

Every couple has a way they envision their big day so do not ruin it by trying to be ‘unique.’ Remember, it is neither about you nor your big day. If you are asked to put on a certain colour or stick to a certain theme, do not try to be creative, just do it. Also, not unless you are required to put on white, avoid this colour at all costs; let the bride shine in white.

Arriving late

You might want to make an appearance, steal the show, create a stir and all that, but this day is not about you. As far as weddings are concerned, the bride should be the last person to arrive at the location, and by that time, all guests should be seated and ready to receive her.

Recording everything on your phone

You are a guest, not the official videographer or photographer, so stop getting in the way of the camera crew and pressing in for the ideal shot. Put your phone away once the ceremony starts and just take it all in. Additionally, wait until the event is over or until they permit you to do so before uploading any photos or videos on social media.

Complaining about the food

Whether the potions are too little or the food is not to your liking, keep it to yourself. At least you were fed and you got a piece of the cake. It is impolite to complain about the meal at the event when you made no financial contribution.

Proposing at someone’s wedding

Do not propose at someone’s wedding unless the bride and groom permit you to do so. However, even with permission, it is still improper to take the spotlight on a couple’s most important day. Create your moment instead of acting on what may appear like the perfect moment and the ideal environment for you at no cost.

Coming with an uninvited plus one

In most cases, you always get away with your uninvited plus one here and there within your circles, but for weddings that follow rules to the letter, you might embarrass yourself and your guest. Besides, weddings cost money, so do not be the reason a guest misses a seat or a plate of food.

Buying a wedding gift

Stop buying your friends those tea cups and plates. It would not hurt to ask what the couple needs and if you can afford it, why not? Also, the easiest way to gift a couple is through vouchers. Let them decide what they want to buy on their own.


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