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Here are 8 most dangerous cities in the world you should visit at your own risk

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If you ever think of taking a trip you should definitely skip going to these cities.

Whether it is due to political upheaval, gang violence, terrorists or coups, there are different reasons these cities are ranked among the top most dangerous cities to visit. If you must, caution is advised.

Some of the most dangerous cities in the world include:  

San Pedro, Honduras

This city has ranked as one of the world’s most violent place for years thanks to drug kingpins. It has the highest homicide rates in the world. Arms trafficking is a problem and illegal firearms are prevalent throughout the city since the 2009 military coup. This is a city that tourists would do well to avoid!

Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan experiences a great deal of political unrest, crime as well as terrorism like suicide bombings and gang warfare.

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Acapulco, Mexico

Not long ago, this city was considered a safe and luxurious resort area. While tourism to Acapulco is still popular, drug violence and kidnappings has made this a dangerous area. This city has one of the world’s highest murder rates. People visiting are advised to remain on the property of the resorts, as most of the crime occurs in surrounding areas.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Although Guatemala is a Central American nation on the Caribbean, it has many tourist attractions. It’s a nation with drug violence and crimes including street robberies, bus holdups and carjacking’s.

Cape Town, South Africa

Due to the prevalence in poverty and social unrest in this city, there is extremely high crime rate. Although many are drawn to South Africa because of its natural beauty and proximity to nature preserves, it is a dangerous place. It experiences one of the highest murder rates in the world with rapes, violence and other crimes reported repeatedly.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio is by far the most popular tourist destination in Brazil. It is actually safer than it was but street crimes are still on the high in many areas, especially at night.

St Louis, USA

It is not the land of milk and honey as many continue to falsely perceive. St Louis is considered the most dangerous city in the US. It has the highest murder rates, drug trafficking and other crimes.

Mogadishu, Somalia

This is a place surrounded by war and terrorism. It is a hotspot for piracy and people being taken hostage for ransom.


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