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The perfect 'sherehe' starter pack

 If you’re planning to go to a party soon, you should arm yourself with the sherehe starter pack [Courtesy]

In Kenya, the partying season goes all year round-except maybe in "Njaanuary" and "Mwezi corner" when people are broke. But even during those times, Kenyans will still find a way to make that party happen because let’s be real, Kenyans love to have fun.

If you’re planning to go to a party and you really want to have a great time, you should arm yourself with the sherehe starter pack.

Below is a list of items to remind you what you should have whenever you’re planning to go out or have guests over.


Drinks are usually the highlight of any party. They come through whether you’re having a chilled office party or a house party with your closest buddies.

The drinks you’ll buy will depend on your crowd. So if you prefer non-alcoholic you could do non-alcoholic wine and juice and if you drink, you have other options.

Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough so that you won’t go through the inconvenience of having to go for more when you should be entertaining and having fun. And if the crowd is largely made up of people drinking, you should buy enough water too.

 Drinks are usually the highlight of any party [Courtesy]

Food or snacks

Food is a Kenyan sherehe staple. When people are in a merry mood, they like to sip a drink and have something to munch on meanwhile so this should be on your list as well.

Some great options you can try are goat, chicken or lamb, paired with kachumbari. Or if you like, make some burgers, samosas or other meaty treats.

You can also decide to have a house party where you cook as you enjoy each other’s company.

Comfortable shoes

People love to show up in style for parties because you just want to look nice and, you might be meeting new people for the first time. Often, we like to wear our nicest pairs of heels to complement the rest of the outfit but, if you have no other comfortable options to change into, you will suffer.

You definitely don’t want to end up with painful blisters when you get back home so if you can, carry some comfortable flats or sneakers. That way, you will take cute photos in your nice outfit then be comfy for the rest of the day when you’re tired.

 Food is a Kenyan sherehe staple [Courtesy]


These days we tend to keep our money electronically through apps. Although this is convenient, you should always have some physical cash with you especially when you’re out.

You never know when your phone might die or when those apps freeze so you should have some back up. Keep your cash somewhere safe in your bag and you’ll be good to go.

Mini power bank and charger

Having these two items with you will save you a lot of stress. Most of the time when you’re out you won’t be in a location where you can easily charge your phone, and if you happen to find somewhere where you can, you might not feel comfortable leaving your phone there unattended.

Invest in a good mini power bank if you don’t want to walk around with something bulky. That way you’ll be set if your phone is about to die on you.



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