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Are you drinking enough water?

 Taking enough water is the fastest way of flushing out toxins from your body (Photo: iStock)

As the saying goes, water is life so if you don’t take enough of it, it will start to show.

It’s sad that many of us would rather drink a soda or something more flavourful to quench our thirst than actually take plain old water.

Some signs of dehydration are more obvious than others but they are all very unpleasant still. if you suffer from the signs below, you need more water in your system:

You have frequent headaches

One of the first signs that you might not be drinking enough water is headaches and migraines. But because there are many reasons why people get headaches including stress, you might not easily know that the real culprit is dehydration.

When you don’t have enough water, it limits the supply of oxygen throughout your body, which is what causes a headache.

 You suffer from frequent headaches (Photo: iStock)
You barely pee

Your body also goes into emergency mode when it’s not getting the right amount of water. Your kidneys, specifically hold on to the little amount of water that is available and that causes less frequent urination.

You can also look at how your pee is changing to know if there is a problem. Pee tends to be darker in colour and it will also have a strong smell.

You struggle with bad breath and body odour

Body odour and bad breath can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. There are also certain medications that can cause this persistent problem.

However, when you don’t have any of these underlying causes and you’re still struggling, it might be because of dehydration.

With oral health, you will have less saliva to clear out bacteria and your body will produce more concentrated sweat with a stronger odour, hence the B.O.

 You struggle with body odour (Photo: iStock)
You are always sick

Dehydration can cause so many health problems that come more frequently. There is the risk of more Urinary Tract Infections because there is not enough water to flush out bad bacteria, you will have more digestive problems like constipation and you will also have a weakened immune system that exposes you to colds.

If this is your situation, the solution might not be rushing to get medication all the time because the root of the problem is dehydration.

You struggle with your weight

Many people spend so much time lifting weights, jogging and dieting without seeing any significant results. This can make you feel so discouraged and force you to give up when you’re not aware of how significant your water intake is in this whole process.

Water affects everything from your metabolism to your physical strength.

If you’re not drinking enough, you will also struggle to maintain good energy levels which can also make you too tired to workout properly.

Just assess whether you’re well-hydrated if you quickly gain unwanted weight or struggle to progress when it comes to weight loss.

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