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Gen Z: Mentorship completes the puzzle

Three-quarters of Babara Omwayi's team are Gen-Z. She believes young people are open to mentorship
By Maryciana Adema 21h ago
Packing a carry-on bag is an art in itself. This is particularly true as passengers have to balance their travel requirements with airline policies and airport security
By Jayne Rose Gacheri Sep. 26, 2023
Entrepreneur Careen Asamba has become a local sensation with her innovative approach to producing gluten-free flour using a variety of local food crops
By Silas Nyamweya Sep. 22, 2023
Many of us have little understanding of basic financial principles and even high earners struggle to manage their money
By Esther Muchene Sep. 20, 2023
Alongside the well-known concept of "black tax", there are the more insidious, less discussed ways in which financial abuse can manifest
By Njambi Gaitho Sep. 20, 2023
Paps Wanyugi, 39, wife, and mother of two was once a suicidal teen, now she is a coach transforming her clients into the best version of themselves
By Shirley Genga Sep. 16, 2023
"It's all about finding your place and I found mine in VDJ hosting a TV show. When it comes to my career in law, I have found my place in land matters and that is how I do it"
By Aggrey Karani Sep. 16, 2023
Bedsitters are very popular, and not just with students. Although they're not always as spacious as other houses, you can still do a lot with what's available
By Esther Muchene Sep. 13, 2023
From teen mum to award-winning actress, Esther Kahuha is a motivation to young women to follow their passion she talks about her acting journey
By Winnie Makena Sep. 9, 2023
Creating the illusion of more space in a small living area can make a huge difference in how you feel and enjoy your space
By Hope Gitonga Sep. 5, 2023
Coming home to a beautiful home every day is a blessing. After all the hustle and bustle of the day, you want to come home to a space that will make you feel happy and relaxed
By Esther Muchene Sep. 2, 2023
They balance athletics careers, motherhood and family bonds win international championships, and unite Kenyans amidst economic and political turmoil. This squad needs no introduction
By Stephen Rutto Sep. 2, 2023