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How you can help children appreciate mother's day

 Happy Mother's Day to all the moms doing an amazing job out there (Photo: Courtesy)

This exciting holiday is here once again. Everyone is thinking of ways they can truly express their appreciation whether it means planning a special dinner for their mom, researching on the best gifts to give or just generally anticipating spending some time with her on this special day.

Although it’s a holiday that’s recognized all around the world, it’s not always fully understood by kids. They know about the general days like Christmas and New Year’s but the details about Mother’s day might still be blurry.

Well, now is your opportunity to help them understand what this day is all about. Below are some tips you might need as you educate them about it:

Teach them what the main purpose is

As the holiday approaches, kids will naturally be curious about it. You need to explain that it’s a day that celebrates mothers and the journey of motherhood. They need to know that every sacrifice a mother makes is special and that’s why they’re being celebrated.

The best way is to find simple words to explain this concept.

Involve them in your plans

Your kids will also understand how the holiday is celebrated if you involve them more. If you’re planning to surprise your wife with a special breakfast, for example, you can allow them to participate in the planning process.

As time goes, they will start to see what Mother’s day is and find ways in which they can celebrate it.

 Involve them in your plans so they feel their input is valued (Photo: Courtesy)
Allow them to express their appreciation in their own way

It’s important for your kids to feel included in whatever surprise plans you have for Mother’s day celebrations. At the same time, you should give them room to learn about it from their own perspective.

If they want to make a card for mom or blend some juice for her, let them do it. This is how they can start to form their own authentic expression of love.

Teach them how to handle sensitive situations

Mother’s day is generally a day of fun and happiness. But, it’s not always the case because it can be a trigger for moms who have gone through situations like miscarriages.

As you educate your kids on the holiday, you should also teach them how to handle these situations with care.

This topic can be complex so you should just help them understand this one step at a time.

Teach them that appreciating their mom is an everyday thing

Only showing your mom real love on Mother’s day can feel a bit pretentious. It wouldn’t make sense to treat her badly every other day then go above and beyond to post her picture on Mother’s day while announcing everything you’re doing for her on that day only.

This is something that kids also need to understand. Even though Mother’s day is a special day to celebrate mom, they should still appreciate her every other day.

Being kind and caring should be an everyday thing and not just something that’s preserved for Mother’s day.

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