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Do men need a skincare routine?

Fashion and Beauty
 Do men need a skincare routine? (Photo: iStock)

For a long time, skincare and beauty were seen as something for young ladies and women. Even today, we see that most beauty advertising is aimed at women, not men.

The truth is that skincare is important for both sexes. Although we may have some slight differences in our skin, we are all exposed to the same risks.

However, it's time we demystify skincare for men so they can get interested in caring for their skin once they fully understand the benefits of a routine. The benefits are many, but for now, let's look at five key ones:

It boosts your self-esteem

What people don't often realise is that self-esteem issues affect men deeply. Skin problems such as eczema and severe acne have caused many men to struggle with self-confidence.

Even for those who don't have specific skin conditions, the dull look of poorly cared-for skin can affect how they feel about themselves.

What would help is a good skincare routine, and once you research or consult on the simple ways to maintain your skin, you will eventually start to feel better about your appearance.

It teaches you about self-care

The benefits of self-care are more than superficial. They are also linked to your mental well-being and emotional happiness.

This self-care outlet is something that more men could benefit from. This process of taking care of your body helps you connect with yourself through a relaxing routine.

It could improve your relationships

One of the most important strategies for improving your connection with others is to take care of yourself. You should care about how you present yourself to the world because it allows others to be more receptive to you.

So with a consistent skincare routine, confidence will be higher. And as a result, your relationships could flourish more.

It promotes youthfulness

Women are not the only ones concerned about ageing. Yes, there is more pressure on women to look young forever, but men have it tough too.

The number of men getting Botox to reduce the signs of ageing is increasing. This just goes to show that men are just as concerned about looking and feeling younger.

A simple, less chaotic way to make sure you look your best is to embrace the world of skincare. And the good news is that men have access to great skincare products just like women.

It's important for your health

The sun's cancer-causing rays pose a huge risk to all of us, male or female. We need to protect our skin before going outdoors to limit our radiation exposure.

This radiation has been, and continues to be, the reason why many people have unfortunately developed various types of skin cancer.

One of the best ways to stay safe is to use sunscreen, something men often ignore. To stay safe, more men should start using sunscreen as part of their morning skincare routine.

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