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How to balance your job and side hustle

Career Tips
 How to balance your job and side hustle (Photo: iStock)

The side hustle business has boomed in recent years. The pandemic and the post-Covid period shook people's lives and started this golden age of side hustles.

Also, the economic situation in many countries has become increasingly worrying. This has led more and more people to look for ways to supplement their income outside of their main job, with side jobs such as driving for Uber, offering hair care services, creating content and so many other options.

A key challenge for people who have both a job and a side hustle is finding balance. A lack of balance is what causes most people to abandon their dreams of making their side hustle their main job.

Managing both can be hard work, but you can do it. These are some of the ways you can adjust your life to fit both:

Start by choosing the right hustle

The truth is that every successful side hustle started with an idea that was well thought through. It’s not enough to just have an idea and passion because reality will quickly check you.

Your choice of side hustle has to be something that is profitable and manageable based on facts and not feelings. If your choice doesn’t match these things, it is highly likely that you will end up abandoning something you’ve put time and money into within a short time.

Hire someone to help you

A side hustle that involves many processes will eventually wear you down if you try to do everything by yourself. Unless it’s easy, you might struggle to handle details like pitching, advertising, planning and accounting. 

This is why hiring someone is essential and this will also come in handy as the business grows. This way you will feel more balanced between both jobs, and in your life in general since you won’t be working all day every day.

Create a manageable schedule

The next thing is to understand the workload your side hustle involves. How can you make it work depending on your primary job and life schedule?

You need to critically think about this and create a schedule that won’t easily overwhelm you to the point where you’re breaking down. Break down every detail of your gig properly and see where you can fit it in your everyday routine.

Use tools to help you manage

Technology and innovations are making our lives easier by the day. There are different tools that will ease the extra stress for you. You can make use of time management apps that will keep you on track and other apps that can automate certain processes for your business.

This will allow you to have extra time to relax and focus on other things.

Set firm boundaries on your time off

Rest is extremely crucial for everything to work out. What will be the point of making money then end up spending it on hospital bills and medication?

You definitely need time for yourself away from both your work and hustle to reenergize. Do not compromise on that no matter what.

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