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Azziad Nasenya's rise to stardom

 Azziad's rise to stardom (Photo: Azziad Nasenya/ Instagram)

The year 2020 was one of the darkest years. Companies went bankrupt and people were subjected to mandatory lock downs.

Amidst this darkness, one bright star rose, beaming people's faces with a smile by using her creativity to the fullest. People liked her hence she became famous.

The star in question is one fine Luhya babe called Azziad Nasenya. Nasenya subscribed to TikTok at a time when most people didn't know about it.

During the dark times during lock down, she did what she does best, entertaining.

She swayed her perfectly thin waist to the rhythm of "Utawezana" by Mejja featuring Femi One. Her numbers grew as everyone wanted to watch her videos on repeat. Since then, her name has been a whole brand.

During an interview on Radio Maisha, Nasenya said she schooled at St Cecilia (Misikhu) Secondary School in Webuye.

"I was an average student who was quite famous in the Western region because of solo verses, choral verses and drama. When in form four, I was actually the only one allowed to go for drama festivals because they couldn't find anyone else to play the role," she said.

Truly, her talents speak for her. The acting talent shinned more light on her in July 2020 as she debuted the role of Chichi in Kenya's famous telenovela, Selina.

Apart from being an actor, professionally, she is a broadcast journalist. Her career journey started in June 1 2021 when she started hosting a Sound City radio breakfast show dubbed What's Up 254.

"I went for the auditions and we were shortlisted. Before actually going on air, we were trained for like three months and then we officially rolled out in June," she said.

Socially, she is an accepted and highly demanded brand influencer. Brands like Bic, Garnier among others have gained publicity due to Nasenya. As a fashionista, she has her own designer bags under Denri Africa.

Unlike most people whose popularity only lasts a while, Nasenya is a different ball game.

"When I was a child and people wanted to be lawyers, I always wanted to be a star. I wanted to do what I am doing right now so I am grateful to God," she said.

According to her, the same year she rose to stardom was one of the toughest times in life. Her success attracted a lot of admiration as well as jealousy and meanness.

"If there was a year I was bitter, sad and when I almost went into depression it was definitely 2020. I was just a teenager trying to do what I have been doing for a while and all of a sudden, I looked bad because I danced. I never knew that people could be so ruthless," she recalls.

Some were applauding her for rising while others pulled her down hoping she would fall. However, she asserts that a strong support system that included her parents was always by her side.

Boundaries that envious people set for her have been surpassed and recently, she was part of a national talents committee dubbed Talanta Hela which dissolved after a short while for unknown reasons.

Initially, they had agreed with the interviewer not to talk about it but a question on how she took the revocation was asked.

Nasenya's "no comment" answer was followed by a warning that she would walk out.

"I will honestly walk out of here because we cannot agree on something and then you go back on it."

And walk out she did.

The reason she gave for walking out was, "You do not respect me as a brand and I do not appreciate that dear. Thank you.

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