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Five reasons why you should take Omega 6


While some fats are unhealthy and unnecessary, others such as the omega-6 are essential in your body.

Omega 6 is a type of unsaturated fat that is found in vegetable oil like corn, primrose seed and soybean oil. They have numerous benefits and are required for your body to grow strong and unlike omega-9s, they are not produced inside our body at all and need to be supplemented through the food we eat.

Like omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids. These cats are primarily used for energy.

While it should be taken in moderation, there are some incredible health benefits of taking omega-6 which you should be aware of.

It can help you sleep better

Omega 6 helps one to sleep better and children who take it wake up less during the night and it works the same with adults. It helps the body produce substances involved in helping you sleep such as the melatonin hormone which is a sleeping aid supplement.

It can lower blood pressure

Omega-6 fatty acids help blood vessels to open and enlarge so that the heart does not push blood around the body forcefully. It lowers the risk of strokes as well as getting diabetes.

It can soothe your skin

Taking omega-6 supplements reduces eczema which is a severe skin disease among other skin defects. This helps the skin due to its anti-inflammatory nature.

It can boost your memory

Intake of omega-6 can help sharpen one’s memory and help the nerve cells to communicate better with each other. Therefore, one’s mind becomes more active and reduces symptoms of depression and stress disorder.

It can ease Premenstrual Syndrome

During their monthly periods women tend to be moody, anxious, happy among other things. Taking omega-3 and 6 supplements could help ease some symptoms such as intense PMS pain as well as reduce breast tenderness.

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