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How to know your relationship is failing

Girl Talk
 You don’t have to hold onto a relationship that is already dying (Shutterstock)

Relationships are beautiful but sometimes they just don’t seem to work out. Once it is beyond repair, no matter how much you would want it to last, and be willing to work to make it better, you have to accept and let go. You don’t have to hold onto a relationship you know has no grounds or one that will ultimately hit a dead end.

Most of us have been victims and I know because I have been a victim of this at least once or twice, and there is no shame in that.

But it’s high time we stop wasting our time and energy in relationships we know very well will not work out. The worst thing is that most know this but continue to hold onto the sinking ship.

Well, sometimes we are to blame for the failing relationship. We self-sabotage it out of pettiness and don’t want to deal with the issues at hand.

Might you be suspecting that your relationship has ran its course? Here are some of the signs your relationship is failing.

Communication is strained

Communication is core in every relationship. If suddenly you and your partner are not communicating as usual and have nothing to say about the changes in communication, chances are that the relationship is on its death bed.

Not spending time together as you used to

Sometimes life happens and we get busy with work, school and other obligations. If there is no explanation for not spending time together then you probably have a strain in the relationship.

 If suddenly you are not communicating as usual, chances are that the relationship is on its death bed (Shutterstock)
Your gut feeling

That little voice in your head that seems to know everything is probably right. Sometimes the heart takes more time to accept the things your mind already knows.

Don’t ignore that voice because it’s probably telling you the truth. I don’t know why we like ignoring this little voice only to admit in the end that yes, you felt it and now you can’t help but wonder why you had to wait for so long before acting.

Too many fights

Fights and disagreement are a normal part of every relationship. But if they are too many or you are just fighting over everything and anything, then probably it’s time to call it quits.

Sometimes our partners bring up issues for no reason because they might not want to tell you to your face that things are not working out anymore.

You cannot compromise or sacrifice anymore

Sometimes we forgive too many times and compromise too much yet our partners don’t show any sign of change or improvement in their behavior.

I know love is about sacrifice and compromise but if they are not playing their role to change in the areas they are failing in, then it’s best to leave. It’s important to know when you have had too much and you feel like you have given too much of yourself and you now have nothing more to give.

Sex is not interesting all of a sudden

You used to enjoy your love making sessions but now you are having sex just because. You no longer feel sexually attracted towards them anymore.

Sex is very important in a relationship as it brings you closer. If you find that you are no longer interested in having sex with your partner, I think it’s high time you start asking some serious questions.

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